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LED-Scheinwerfer zieren die neue Löwen-Front des auffallend schick geratenen Franzosen.

© Fellner

By Reinhard Fellner

Innsbruck – If the most renowned German car magazine pays tribute to the new Peugeot 208 and lets the French win the property rating in a comparison test, then that says a lot about what a technically great success Peugeot has achieved with the 208.

Visually, however, the stylishly drawn four-meter stand is a true successor to the legendary and classless 205. Since then, no small lion has been drawn so stylishly – numerous details, such as the LED-equipped front, make the 208 an eye-catcher not only in “Faro Yellow”. But driving is even better than looking. From the first few meters, the lion reveals a distinctly lively character with beautiful everyday comfort.

This is supported by the compact steering wheel of the digital “i-cockpit”. Here, Peugeot sets itself apart from many small ones in terms of interior design and offers the level of higher classes in terms of appearance, material and quality. In the GT Line we tested, they were also appealing In general, it is like living in the front of the beautifully cut seats like in a large compact car.

The technology

  • Engine: Three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine
  • Displacement: 1199 cc
  • Torque: 205 Nm at 1750 rpm
  • Power: 74 kW / 101 PS
  • L / W / H:4055/1745/1430 mm
  • Weight: 1165/1595 kg
  • Trunk volume: 265 – 1106 l
  • Tank capacity: 44 l
  • Top speed: 188 km / h
  • 0 – 100 km / h: 9.9 seconds
  • Consumption: 5.4 l / 100 kilometers
  • Power transmission: Front wheel drive
  • Price: (100 GT Line): 24,230 euros
  • CO2 emissions: (standard): 120 g / km

But it was probably the weight of 1165 kilograms that made the 208 in its 100 hp turbo petrol variant appear so extremely well motorized. Together with the manoeuvrable chassis, this resulted in a lot of driving pleasure in the TT test – for just 5.4 liters of Super over 100 kilometers. The well-known PSA unit harmonized particularly well with the six-speed gearbox. As mature as the 208 looks: In the second row and in the trunk, it remains a small car. But here one of the best and above all one of the most desirable. From 16,140 euros you can tame the beautiful lion every day.

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