Photo albums and professional photo books for weddings

Professional wedding photo books are created from high-quality materials. The strong yet impressive satin cover is chosen because it is durable and will last for many years, but also because it offers exceptional standards of photographic printing. The pages of the photo album are made from ivory-coloured 230gsm Italian paper with vellum interleaves that give the album a traditional look and help protect photos from scratching and rubbing against each other.

Personalization of your wedding album

The cover is the customizable section of a wedding photo album. Choose a single photo and print it on the front and back cover or choose one photo for the front and one for the back cover. You can even use a selection of photos and combine them into a single beautiful looking photo montage and print it on one of the covers along with a favorite wedding photo for the other cover.

Including a presentation box

Once the cover is designed, you can add your own photo montage pieces and then assemble your own favorite wedding photos to produce a beautiful and deeply personal wedding photo album. Also, you can use one of those favorite photos and make it the cover of an amazing presentation box. The presentation box is designed as a means of protecting the album and its contents, but it is also an attractive item in its own right.

wedding books

Instead of applying photo montage pieces and then pasting your own photos into a photo album, you can choose to have your photos professionally printed on each and every side of a stunning photo book. You can personalize photo book covers in the same way you can personalize a photo book and can even include a presentation box, but the photos are professionally printed on very high quality materials to give it an even better finish.

guest books

Choose a photo of you and your partner and print it on the cover of a photo guest book. Create page layouts including column headers that will print on each page and allow your guests to sign the book and leave a personal comment or note for you. A great reminder for those who shared the big day with you.

Canvas Prints

Choose a favorite photo from your wedding day and print it on canvas to hang in your home. HD Satin canvas provides exceptional photographic realism and photo reproduction so you and all the visitors in your home can enjoy looking at the photo again and again; You can even add a short text message on the back of the canvas to make it perfect. Gift for your partner to celebrate your wedding day.

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