Procedure to replace the ink of the Canon printer

Changing the ink cartridges of a canon printer is an easy task to perform. You need to make sure that you buy the correct ink cartridge, depending on the particular model, in the first place. You can choose between the original ink cartridge supplied by Canon or an equally matching cartridge from any different supplier.

Now, after you have purchased the right ink cartridge, here are the steps that you need to follow to change the cartridge for your canon printer.

1. As soon as you get to the cartridge, start by taking the dry ink cartridge out of the Canon printer. To do this, you must first turn on the printer and lift the access cover. As soon as you do, the ink cartridge will move to the center by itself. To avoid any electrical contact, it is necessary that you disconnect the printer from its power source before removing the cover.

2. After interrupting the power supply to reduce the chance of electric shock, change the cartridge by removing the dry one from its place. To carry out this process, touch the cartridge casing very carefully. You will see the cartridge lift up and at the same time release from its place. Take out the empty cartridge and set it aside.

3. Now it is time to repair the new cartridge. Take the new cartridge out of its covers, and then remove the orange tape from each cartridge. As security measures, there are orange tapes to prevent any ink leakage. To make it easier for your printer to easily identify the cartridge, be careful not to touch the chips that are present on the cartridge. All you have to do now is fix the new cartridge in the cradle so that the chips face the print head.

4. All you have to do now is sort the cartridges and you’re there, towards the end of it all. Turn on your printer after you have changed the cartridges and closed the access cover.

5. The final step is to set up the printer after turning it on. Find the Canon printer maintenance software on your computer. Click “Clean and Align” that appears under Print Properties. Be sure to leave a few sheets of paper in the paper tray before proceeding to click OK. When the printer restarts printing, a message will appear on the screen confirming the correct alignment of the ink cartridges.

With access to the right types of equipment, such as cartridges and available sheets of paper, you can easily replace the ink cartridge in any available Canon printer. In case the cost of original Canon ink cartridges bothers you, you can certainly use any other efficient replacement ink cartridge. Just make sure your printer allows and accepts them without any problem.

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