Profitable Marketing Strategies From Small Business Marketing Experts

Profitable Marketing Strategies From Small Business Marketing Experts

Whether your business is old or new, your marketing needs to be dynamic and timely. Often times, small business marketing involves sending multiple outbound calls and satisfying customer service without an appointment. But do these small business marketing ideas still work today? Or is internet marketing becoming the next norm for small or large businesses?

Adding to the dilemma is that these days, business magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and even your email inbox are full of small business marketing ideas from anyone. Inexperienced businessmen or women can easily feel lost in these barrages of insights, advice, strategies, etc. small business marketing. So let me give you more focused strategies that take advantage of an effective small business marketing strategy: internet marketing.

Six Top Ideas for Internet Marketing

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

For a tech-savvy business man or woman, pay-per-click marketing proves to be a solid method of business marketing. But entrepreneurs using Pay Per Click need to know what they’re doing or their cost per conversion could quickly break without knowing it. The key to a productive pay-per-click marketing campaign is continuous monitoring.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlike pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization pays for itself slowly, but a long-lasting prospect is achievable. On average, 75% of a business website’s traffic comes from organic search engine queries. Remember that search engines wouldn’t care about your ad budget. What they investigate is the SEO strategies you employed on your site.

3. Public Relations (PR)

Public relations is perhaps the father of all small business marketing ideas since advertising campaigns began. Nailing your PR campaign offline and online is a very good way to build awareness, authority, trust and loyalty towards your business. Online public relations through PR Wire is, for example, a very profitable small business marketing strategy.

4. Twitter and Facebook Places

Adding to the microblogging and syndication power of Twitter and Facebook is their new free service for all marketers: Twitter and Facebook Places. This application allows you to integrate your Tweets and Facebook updates to show a map where your business is located.

5. Online business directories

Today, customers are prepared to ditch the yellow pages in favor of more interactive online business directories to find local businesses. If you’re not listed in several online business directories, it means you’re missing out on a lot of small business marketing ideas. You are missing out on a flurry of citations that could have a tremendous positive impact on search engines.

6. Online word of mouth

And the latest small business marketing strategy that is paying big dividends is online word of mouth. This includes glowing customer reviews on online directories, blogs, and social networking sites. Seventy percent of prospective clients trust online reviews, so it’s time to start looking at ReviewBiz, for example, and start strategizing.

I know there were a lot of small business online marketing ideas to study let alone implement. In fact, imposing and managing all these online marketing ideas can be very time consuming. Don’t worry though because there are solutions you can find on the internet that should help you implement the above marketing strategies.

In closing, small business marketing ideas such as online directories, etc. they are a powerful medium to reach more local customers. These tried and trusted methods are permanent, and your business will collapse without these strategies.

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