Pros and cons of outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any home. In hot climates they can be used throughout the year, while in colder places it may be necessary to reserve them for the summer months.

They can take many forms. For example, my aunt in Malaysia has an outdoor kitchen, which is used all year round. It’s a basic setup consisting of a tin roof, gas hob, and open sides that allow the smoke to blow away.

Western versions of typically consist of gas grills with covered canopies.

According to The Telegraph, outdoor kitchens are the next “in” thing. However, before reaching for your wallet, be sure to read this list of pros and cons to make sure an outdoor kitchen is right for you.


– They allow you to cook food outdoors, which is much more pleasant than enslaving it in a hot and cramped indoor kitchen.

– Different foods can be cooked, paying less attention to smoke, which can cause problems indoors. For example, good steaks require hot burners, but smoke from these can often cause indoor fire alarms to go off.

– Cooking foods with strong flavors can leave lingering odors in indoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens do not have this problem and therefore require less housework.

– Cooking outdoors adds another dimension to home entertaining and is great for impressing friends and family.

– If included as part of a pool and tennis court entertainment area, they can add a dazzling touch to a property and increase its sale value.


– In colder locations, outdoor kitchens may not be practical for much of the year. Also, in hot countries, cooking outdoors without air conditioning could become quite unbearable.

– If you already have an indoor kitchen, adding another kitchen could be an unnecessary expense.

– If you have a lot of expensive kitchen utensils, storing them outside can tempt thieves, while taking them in and out of the house between uses can become a major hassle. So if your outdoor kitchen will be located far from your home, consider how often you would actually make the effort to use it.

– Usability may be subject to weather conditions. For example, on a windy day, even a well-covered outdoor kitchen is unlikely to be usable.

– They could make you unpopular with your neighbors. If you live in a crowded area, smoke from outdoor cooking could annoy your neighbors, as it could get into hanging clothes or force them to keep windows closed.

An outdoor kitchen is a great idea. But make sure you really appreciate it before you commit. They can help you enjoy the fresh air more while entertaining your friends, but remember to be a considerate neighbor and only place them where they won’t disturb others.

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