Punta Bunga Beach on Boracay Island – A Review

Punta Bunga is a little known beach on the island of Boracay that is located in the northern part of Balinghai Beach. Although little known, that fact did not diminish the amount of enjoyment I got from this beach, which is why I am writing this review in the first place. Although Boracay has many famous beaches and places of beauty to offer, Punta Bunga stands out on its own due to certain unique features that it has to offer. In this article I will tell you why I love this place and why visiting Punta Bunga beach is a must for you.

Shells: one of the few famous things about this beach, otherwise little known, is the easy availability of shells; Punta Bunga is so full of them that these shells are the first things you would notice as soon as you pass through here. It is a 600 meter long beach full of fine white sand, which is another plus point.

Easy availability of accommodation: Accommodation on the beach of Punta Bunga can be obtained for little money. There are many houses along the beach that are available for rent.

Natural Beauty – Prepare your cameras as Punta Bunga Beach has one of the rarest sunset views to offer. Of course, if you don’t have a camera, the beach goers will be happy to lend a hand and take photos. If you are wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach, it is best to visit it early in the morning or at noon as the beach is almost empty at that time; on the other hand, even in its peak hours, the number of tourists that flock there is negligible anyway. There you can witness a lot of aquatic life; lots of fish, many of them even near the beach, making the experience totally enjoyable. In case you’re wondering, you can really do some great snorkeling here!

Other Amenities: If you can’t afford a private beach, don’t worry. Here you will find the same amount of peace and calm. Another thing to note about this Punta Bunga beach is that I have found more loungers available here than all the private beaches I have visited. The Wi-Fi internet connection available there (direct from Shang, in fact) is quite fast. If you rent an accommodation there, the staff are very friendly and helpful; They would bring you fresh and frozen fruits, fresh water (from morning to afternoon) and clean clothes with which you can clean your face. The barbecue offered here on Wednesdays is a meal not to be missed.

The Bad: While the sunset is a beauty to behold, the sun is most scorching during the midday hours. Therefore, if you do not want your skin to be burned by the red sun, we recommend that you take some sunscreen lotion with you to protect your skin. The jetty for the speedboat covers the sun when it sets there, so you won’t be able to fully enjoy the sunset; This is the reason why many tourists leave the beach in frustration even before the sun has fully set.

Overall, I spent my time in fun and enjoyment, even though I was traveling alone, thanks to the attentive hotel staff, the bar attendants, and of course, Mother Nature! I cannot recommend Punta Bunga beach highly enough.

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