quantum magic

quantum magic

Quantum (plural Quanta) is the smallest unit of physical matter known to man.

But the laws of Quantum Physics tell us that it is not always about physical matter.

Here is the puzzle, which baffles all scientific quantum physicists, that quanta appear physical only when observed by a human being. Otherwise, it remains as a non-manifest energy in the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God.

Why do we have this duality? Because this is how Creation works.

Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that there is an infinite and intelligent ocean of thought energy. It’s called the Quantum Ocean. It is actually the Mind of God.

Everything that is, was or will be exists in this Quantum Ocean. We exist in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God as individual and indivisible souls (energy beings).

We blink out into the physical Universe to experience what we call “Life”. “Life” is the constant interrelation with other energetic beings, energetic places and energetic events. Everything is energy in relationships.

Here is Quantum Magic. We can, as individual souls, communicate with all the energies in the Quantum Ocean. We do this with our thoughts. Thoughts are things. They are energies just like us.

Our thoughts can penetrate this invisible barrier between physical reality and the non-physical energies of the Quantum Ocean.

We have the power to “Think about” the Quantum Ocean and draw energies from it. These energies become part of our physical reality. We can think of more wealth, more health, and more love out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives.

If we have this divine gift from God the Creator, why is there so much poverty, disease and unhappiness on the planet today? By the thought of man. Both individually and collectively.

The rule is to think about what you want and you will attract it from the Quantum Ocean into your life.

But the vast majority of humanity is constantly thinking and talking about what they don’t want.

They spend their days thinking and talking about their illness, their poverty and their unhappiness. The more they think about what they don’t want, the more this thought attracts to them what they don’t want.

A great German runemaster once said: “People’s lives are like idle chatter.” And most of this idle talk is done mentally within their own minds.

Ninety-five percent of the average person’s thoughts are repetitive thoughts about what they don’t want. It is an internal dialogue that they themselves maintain with themselves.

If you want to learn how to use Quantum Magic, you must deliberately and consciously break this internal dialogue.

As? Well, what I do, and what you can do as well, is replace some of the negative self-talk with external “positive” self-talk.

If 95% of the words and thoughts we use in our basic lives keep us in our current rhythm of reality; that leaves us only 5% for a happy future. We must change our priorities.

Even changing it slightly to 90-10% will help you see and feel the difference.

You must do something completely different from what you are doing now. Deliberately and consciously take an hour a day and reverse your thinking. You don’t have to use a lot of willpower to do this. Make it a game, make it fun.

Take an hour a day and see how many positive “I Am” affirmations you can express to the world.

When you speak out loud, a positive “I Am” statement, enter the Quantum Ocean and start sending that positive energy out to you. When you say enough positive “I Am” affirmations, they will reach a critical mass and physical manifestation will take place.

The reason it is not done instantly is because we all carry, to some degree, energies within our Auras. These negative energies, which have accumulated over time, block the positive energies.

Be persistent, the positive “I Am” energies will eventually break through and manifest your desires.

How long? How much “gook” do you have inside?

Now make it fun. I have several methods to bring my “I Am” affirmations into the Quantum Ocean.

One of my favorites is my “Walking and Talking Quantum Magic”. There is a park in front of where I live. There is a basketball court fenced with black macadam.

I walk in the door and start walking clockwise around the court.

I have several regimens that I use at different times. Here is my health regimen:
As I walk, I say out loud, “I am so happy and grateful that I have perfectly balanced physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health now.” I repeat this over and over again for a span or two, then change it.

“I am so happy and grateful that I am manifesting the divine plan of perfect health from the Mind of God and into every cell of my body now.”

I do two, three laps. Then: “I’m so happy and grateful that I have the power within me that keeps me in perfect health now.”

These three are good to start with. If you have a particular health problem, you can tell the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) about it in a positive “I Am” statement.

Example: “I am so happy and grateful that I have a perfectly healthy working heart and lungs now.” I repeat this over and over again and try to get a “walk and talk” Quantum Magic session 3-4 times a week.

The rest of the week I use other methods.

The reality you are living now is an exact manifestation of all your inner thoughts and outer conversations.
We all have the wonderful gift called Quantum Magic. We can talk and think of ourselves in health, wealth and happiness.

You do not have time? Then let go of the things that are filling you with negative destructive energies.

The best advice I can give you is to throw out the television, the newspapers and the radio.

Use this time to “think” of yourself in a happier, healthier and more loving life.

Quantum Magic tells us that there is nothing ‘out there’ that keeps us poor, sick and unhappy. It is what is inside our minds and projected out by our thoughts and conversations. So stop looking for answers ‘outside’ yourself, LOOK INSIDE.

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