Recognize the Flying Pink Elephant – Value Added Legal Services Promotion

At first glance, the mention of a law firm that offers more than just legal services smacks of irony. During a presentation or sales pitch, clients may comment, either aloud or silently, “I know you offer legal services, but what else do you have?” In a competitive landscape, value-added services can mean the difference between growing a business or watching it wither.

Retailers call this important, customer-focused feature “upselling.” In essence, the buyer (or in this case, the customer) goes to a seller for a specific need or item, and in the midst of meeting that need, you offer the customer something else, perhaps something they originally thought of. they may not have needed, or thought they might have to look elsewhere.

While this expectation may be unconscious or unspoken, it is always there, hovering like a flying pink elephant in the room. Your competitors know the importance of increasing sales, and your company should too, so do better.

Points to remember:

  • Value-added service is as much an internal consideration as it is an external selling point. What have you done internally to develop skill sets that go beyond strictly legal advice?
  • Is your company promoting added value to existing customers? Use this tactic as a customer retention technique.
  • Are partners and associates working together to promote additional services? If the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, it’s time for a meeting of minds.

Remembering these points can help your business succeed in sales.

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