Red, Green, Yellow: Life Lessons From Traffic Lights

Red, Green, Yellow: Life Lessons From Traffic Lights


Yesterday, August 5, 2015, in celebration of the 101st anniversary of the traffic light system, the Google doodle showcased the first traffic light system ever created. Traffic lights are the last thing anyone would praise, instead people often complain about the tickets they received due to red light cameras that never seem to work properly.

Those of us who walk regularly rely on the traffic light system to help us cross the street safely, but many pedestrians have strong feelings about traffic signals. They usually complain that traffic lights take too long to change despite pressing the button multiple times.

The 101st Anniversary of the traffic light system forces us to consider the positive aspects of traffic lights. The traffic light system represents the signs that come up in our lives and tell us to stop, slow down and go forward. This article will shed new information on those signals.


The red light represents restraint and informs us to stop immediately. When we see red we understand that if we proceed we could end up causing a major accident. Many of us complain about getting stuck at red lights as we are always in a hurry to reach our destinations. Those of us who use red lights effectively take the opportunity to reflect on life.

There are moments in life when we must stop. Some of these moments arise when we act in ways that will harm our health, while these signs can also be seen when we act in ways that can have a negative impact on our families. We ignore these signs and allow our situation to get worse. When life tells us to stop specific actions, we must listen and take steps to change our lives and get back on the right track.


The yellow light tells us to slow down. It gives us the opportunity to analyze the intersection and act accordingly. Many of us do not listen to the message of the yellow lights and we speed through them.

The yellow lights in your life inform you that you are living life too fast. By slowing down, you will be able to make more strategic decisions that will bring you closer to your goals. If you continue to live at the pace you’ve been maintaining, you may burn out. Listen for your yellow lights and slow down.

keep pushing

There is nothing like the green light. It informs us that we are ready to go and that we can continue our journey without interruption. Green lights come in a wide variety of forms, but their message remains consistent: keep pushing.

Find the green lights in your life that encourage you to keep trying. You might hit a pothole that leads to a flat tire, and yet you’ve implemented proper maintenance in preparation for the next green light. Also, why would you stop when the light says GO!


Every time you see a traffic light, remind yourself to obey the signs in your life: stop when you’re hurting yourself, slow down to plan strategically, and continue when life presents opportunities.

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