Sell ​​your CONDO

The procedure for selling a condo anywhere in the world, be it St Tropez or Victoria BC, is similar to selling a house anywhere else. A couple of basic tips are the same for all houses when it comes to selling them. Although there are certain differences about the sale of a condominium. Every condo owner should be aware of this. The most important is that his condo should attract buyers, and as many buyers as possible so that he can choose the best price of all. Make sure your condo looks the best in the entire market.

Make sure your building is in good shape and doesn’t need repairs. If so, get to work ASAP. Check to see if you need new paint or carpet. You should list your condo only after completing all of these tasks. Appearance does matter in the case of buying a house, the more attractive a house looks, the more desirable it is and therefore there will be many more buyers and many more options to choose from. During the repair, make certain changes if you want to get new fixtures for the common area and that will let the buyer know for sure that the building is well maintained.

This may seem like a bit of fun, but get your house in order. Remove additional furniture from the condo; this will make the house look spacious. Remove bulky furniture, as heavy, bulky furniture doesn’t go with the look of a condo. Go ahead and rent a storage locker, believe me, it’s worth the cost. Once the extra furniture is removed, the condo won’t need more than a month to sell. Store your winter clothes; It will help cabinets look bigger. Most condo buyers are looking for an open layout with plenty of storage space.

As you sell your condo, there will be technical documents involved. That will include a property disclosure statement, which will have you answer questions about your suite and building. Learn about the building, everything about its history, from geography to science and economics. Know the monthly meetings and the decisions that are made in them, as well as the statutes. The realtor or broker you hired will likely give you a copy of these documents, but it is your responsibility to review all paperwork. This will save time and make the selling process easier and more efficient.

Your condo may be occupied by a tenant, do not infringe on their rights. Know how to transfer the lease to new owners and about damage deposits. Hopefully you will have a friendly relationship with them so they will be accommodating and make sure the place is kept clean.

When you advertise in publications put an interesting ad. When it comes to condominiums, listings that use words that are light and airy attract more buyers. Do not have windows or exposure to the south. Put a lamp in the corner of the room; leave the curtains, drapes and blinds open. Put mirrors on the wall, it helps reflect light and makes the place look bigger.

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