SEO basics to improve website traffic

SEO basics to improve website traffic

Have you just started a website and have no idea how to make it work? Don’t worry. There are many companies that offer their services that will help make your website work for your business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and can be defined as the process of increasing the quality and volume of traffic to a particular website. SEO will help your site appear higher in search engine results, which will drive people to your website and ultimately benefit you. So if you are a newbie in the web field, hiring an SEO company to work for you will be your best bet.

But before you start pouring your hard-earned money into an SEO company, choose carefully. There are many companies online who are amateurs in this field and hiring them will have a negative impact on your website. Companies that promise you “guaranteed ranking on page 1” are probably up to no good. This is because SEO is difficult and since people who browse online are quite unpredictable, these high guarantees are meaningless. So before you hire an SEO company, you better learn a bit about SEO yourself.

  • Optimization of each page: This is the most important part. Every page of your website should have concise content that ranks high in search engines. Optimizing the specific content of each page will generate traffic.
  • keyword optimization: Keywords are what people search for on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and MSN. If your website is full of appropriate keywords and a potential customer searches for it on a search engine, your site will show up and drive traffic. Keyword research is definitely not easy. There are quite a few keyword tools available online like “Keyword Discovery” and “Wordtracker” that you can use.
  • Good page content: Writing content for your website is not very easy. A good SEO company will be able to write in such a way that it engages readers with its user-friendly writing and maintains the correct keyword density to rank high in Google.
  • Optimization of page titles.: If you hire a savvy SEO professional to do your web promotion, one way you will make your website successful is to put your key phrases in the blue bar at the top of the screen. This will not only help your website rank highly, but it will also help the people who visited it to remember exactly what it is about.
  • online directories: For proper SEO promotion, it is extremely necessary to submit your website to online directories. Not only will it generate traffic, but it will also make it easier for search engines to index it.
  • Be descriptive in links and images.: Another great SEO trick is to be as descriptive as possible in the links and images on your website. Let the person who clicks on your link know exactly what to expect. In fact, put the keywords in the descriptions. This will allow search engines to find your site through links and images. The anchor text should be descriptive with all the main keywords.
  • Make your site spider friendly: You may have created a wonderful website with Javascript and Flash graphics that is sure to dazzle all who visit it. But remember, search engines cannot crack these codes. So if you have a lot of graphics, a smart SEO promotion idea would be to allow search engine “spiders” to crawl deep into your site with navigation alternatives to get your site indexed.
  • fresh content– If you have built a website and want to increase traffic to it, you need to work on it regularly. Search engines are always looking for websites where the content is regularly updated. Even if it’s a product you’re selling, putting up fresh content will get search engines to come back regularly and index your site. Forums and blogs are a great way to add new content with the least amount of effort. But don’t start a blog just for web promotion. Start only if you have interesting things to regularly share with your readers.
  • Be unique: Uniqueness counts in all fields and the web is no different. If your website offers something new and unique to the target market, not only will search engines rank you high, but random people will start referring you on blogs, forums, and chat rooms. Interesting websites will attract interested people whose word of mouth will ultimately benefit you. Think,… get the idea?
  • Social networks: Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Friendfeed and Bebo are slowly gaining acceptance as a very good SEO tool. Getting people to click the link to your website on these networks is a great way to drive traffic. If people on these social networks like your website, you can be sure they’ll tell other people about it the next time they tweet or write on the walls. Dell and CNN are just two examples of the tremendous business success that comes with these sites.
  • website promotion: Promoting your website is not easy and if you find it too slow then hire an SEO professional who will do the job for you. You will submit your website to different online directories and start to optimize your search engine rankings.
  • affiliate marketing seo: Affiliate marketing allows people to refer other people to your site and get paid when the referred person makes a purchase. So, in reality, you are sharing your profits with people who help you achieve them. It is a wonderful way to increase traffic.

SEO is a science. One mistake you should never make is trying to fool search engines. Tricks like hiding keywords by making the text color the same as the background color, link tying, and other sneaky tricks will finally help you get out of search engine results. And it will be hard to gain entry once again.

So your best bet would be to make your website an interesting place to be and sign up for a great SEO program that will let people know that you are.

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