Simple Rolling Machinery Aurangabad

Simple Rolling Machinery Aurangabad

Our organization has set milestones for maximum customer satisfaction by offering Simple Film Laminating Machine to clients. We have manufactured this machine according to the exact specifications of the clients. You can with the help of our diligent quality listeners

We are engaged in manufacturing simple laminating machines. These machines are widely used for the lamination of various materials. We use polyester, BOPP, PVC, gold and silver films to laminate different materials. These machines are available with different technical specifications. Micron-minimum lamination of PVC and polyester films on soft boxes, title covers, boxes, aluminum plates and other jobs for wrinkle-free work are our machines in favor over other manufacturers. We also make special machines on request.

Characteristics: –

  • Chrome bearing drives Gude-free rollers for wrinkle-free work.

  • Wrinkle removal breaking.

  • Two unwinding stations for lamination of tapes.

  • Movie slot accessory.

  • Adjustable adhesive tray.

  • Adjustment of the movement of the roll of film up to 70 mm.

  • Hard chrome rollers.

  • Ideal for sheet to sheet, reel to reel lamination.

  • Four movies and six movie clips available as an option.

  • Digital counter available as an option.

  • Robust real implement up to 700 kg. weight coil. available as option.


Rolling Width: 24″ 30″ 36″ 42″

max Speed/h: 1800ft 1800ft 1800ft 1800ft

Electricity REQ.: 1.5 HP 2 HP 2 HP 3 HP

Film roll diameter: 12″ 12″ 12″ 12″

Roll width: 26″ 32″ 38″ 44″

Weight approx.: 1200 Kgs 1400 1600 1800

First, you will use a pocket laminator. These machines come in a variety of items such as business cards, marketing materials, technical specifications, and much more. You must use a machine that can accommodate your items. For example, a machine with a 5-inch feed opening cannot be used to receive letter-size documents. However, a laminator with a 9-inch power supply can hold both letter-size documents and name tags. I know how to work with your documents.

Owning a laminator machine is a great investment, but this investment could be compromised by many factors, including dust and dirt, hence the need to know how to clean a laminator. Lamination could be very easy to use and in most cases.

Cleaning a laminating machine is supposed to be a routine maintenance procedure. As long as it is exploited. The accumulation of this can be your machine in the long run. It’s not hard to clean, but you don’t have to be sharp or anything.

Used for lamination:

  • Greeting cards

  • Books

  • Cardboard boxes

It is equipped with:

  • speed engine

  • hard chrome skids

  • real

  • support slot

  • Standard accessories

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