Social Media Marketing Tips: Follow the 80% to 20% Rule

There are infinite ways to reach your audience, there is no secret formula as such. Enforcement of the 80-20 rule should always be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. In short, it means that 80% of your content should be engagement-oriented, giving your viewers something valuable to read and engage them in conversation or participation, and only 20% should be devoted to promoting your business.

The fact that people come to social media platforms for social interactions and not to read your sales pitch needs to be established! Social media marketing is more inclined to build relationships, trust, and authority online rather than pestering your audience with repeated sales pitches.

80% Content – informative and interactive: This part of the marketing strategy has as its main objective to share good content related to your business. In a nutshell, find the content your audience is interested in and share it on various social media platforms. Think about retweets, shared posts, links to reviews, inspirational quotes, shoutouts, polls, trivia and contests, and other engagement-oriented ideas. If you don’t know how to create such posts, please do as below:

  • Follow the most influential people in your industry, look at their posts, tweets and design your own or probably re-share them as good information.

  • Share your own interesting facts, content among your own page followers and get them involved.

  • Get your content out there to your influencers and try to connect them.

  • Host trivia, contests and award winners, compelling the audience to participate in the activity and gain trust in your brand.

20% self-promotion: As you work through this section, include information that “benefits” your audience by providing discounts, special offers with a call to action button that leads to your website that will allow them to learn more about your services/products. Post the benefits of your products/services, reviews, testimonials, specifications and all the information you need to maintain your reputation.

The bottom line: If a brand focuses too much on its sales and irritates the social media audience with continual sales pitches, it will surely drive away visitors and referrals. The audience will just jump in and out of your social networks page without even landing on your website (traffic to your website is the sole motive for any marketing strategy). Give your audience what they want to read at regular intervals and you’ll see an increase in your following and brand authority and maintain a consistent social media presence.

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