Social security – E-card failures

In the midst of the challenges of coping with the corona pandemic, there were also failures in the electronic system of the e-card of insured persons and patients on Tuesday morning. The Ministry of Health confirmed technical problems with the use of the e-card to the “Wiener Zeitung” on request. This also had an impact on the purchase of medicines in pharmacies.

In the office of Health Minister Rudi Anschober (Greens) it was announced that there would be failures when inserting the e-card in the ordinations. “The reason lies in the access to e-medication,” was further explained. Anyone who wanted to pick up medicine in Vienna, for example, was confronted with the situation that pharmacies had to point out that the system was currently not working.

“The solution to the problem is currently being worked on intensively,” emphasized the Ministry of Health. At the same time, it was assured that the Elga electronic health record and also the electronic vaccination pass, which is currently being used for corona vaccinations, are “not affected by the failure”.

The social security department also confirmed that there were problems with the e-card. These occurred around 8.15 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the “Wiener Zeitung” request. The remedy is being worked on.

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