Spicy video recordings: 25-year-old blackmailed in the Unterland via Facebook | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Innsbruck – A 25-year-old from the Tyrolean lowlands reported a blackmail attempt via Facebook to the police on Wednesday. As the officials report, the man was contacted in the morning by a stranger, whereupon he started a video chat with her. The woman encouraged him to take spicy acts on himself, which he did.

The 25-year-old was then blackmailed – again via Facebook Messenger – into transferring 12,000 euros to an Ivory Coast account using the “Western Union” money transfer service. Otherwise, the video would be published and visible to family, friends and employers.

When the Austrian did not immediately respond to the demands, the stranger opened a Facebook group with one of his relatives in the afternoon and posted a screenshot of the video chat there. Despite “renegotiating” the perpetrator to 400 euros, the man did not pay, but contacted the executive. (TT.com)

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