Stéphane Bern persists and signs about the Sussexes: “I hope that Harry will like him enough to accept all this, because it is still quite violent”

Head more rested, Stéphane Bern has not changed his line of conduct about the Sussexes. Already vehement towards Meghan Markle, whom he did not hesitate to call “poor little rich girl”, and Prince Harry the day after their interview on March 7, the presenter of Secrets of stories reiterated his point of view on the side of Madame Figaro. And it is still so decided.

“The complaints of this couple seem out of sync”

The 57-year-old host first denounced what he considers to be a long-standing contraction of the couple before pointing the finger at an unhappy context. “I find it hard to make confessions on television, while attacking English newspapers on the pretext that they are talking about your private life. I also find it a little inappropriate to spread this way when there is has millions of deaths around the world, that the UK is the country most affected by the pandemic in Europe and that Prince Philip is between life and death“, he estimated in this long interview. A certain uneasiness, this is what he seems to have felt while watching the interview with Oprah Winfrey. “This couple’s complaints seem completely out of place, above ground, to the world we live in. With their 12 bedroom, 14 bathroom villa, I find it hard to cry over their account and the bickering between them. Meghan and Kate on bridesmaids’ dresses.

Harry, “terribly pathetic”

For Stéphane Bern, the Sussexes, and especially Prince Harry, cannot complain at this point about their fate, including the loss of their royal titles. “We want to tell him, ‘you’re gone, you still have a pretty fortune, do not be surprised that you are deprived of titles while you are doing business.” Otherwise, it was necessary to remain in the royal circle and live at the expense of the taxpayer. We cannot have the butter, the money of the butter and the queen’s smile “, he told the French magazine, alluding to the juicy contracts signed with Netflix and Spotify as soon as the “Megxit” was set up. “I hope Harry loves him enough to accept all of this, because it’s still pretty violent. I find him terribly pathetic deep down, because he’s going to end up like a king in New York.”, he added puzzled.

In the meantime, many personalities have shown their support for Meghan and Harry. From Beyoncé to Hugh Jackman via Serena Williams, everyone hailed their “courage”.

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