Stuart Lichtman Review: How To Get Big Money For Anything Quickly

Stuart Lichtman Review: How To Get Big Money For Anything Quickly

Of the many books I’ve read on goal setting and achievement, nothing comes close to Stuart Lichtman’s How to Get Big Money Fast for Anything. As a skeptical Northerner to the UK, I was initially put off by the title. However, I was introduced to the book through an online trading program. And I was determined to change my situation from lack of money to one of abundance. Purchasing this book seemed like a no-brainer, and indeed it was!

Stuart Lichtman developed his strategy, which he describes in his book, during his studies at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He successfully tested his strategy, which he calls the cybernetic transposition technique, on a test group. 80% of the group achieved a seemingly impossible goal on the first try, after using Stuart Lichtman’s strategy.

So how is this possible and will it work for you? The answer is yes, anyone can use this strategy to focus all parts of their mind on one specific outcome. The downside is that you’ll have to do the work first if you want to reap the rewards. Stuart himself generated $2.5 million in investment funds using the technique. And thousands of others have also achieved amazing results.

My first reading of the book was a bit rushed and I have to say I didn’t work as hard as I should. I had to go back to the book on my second read before I had done all the work necessary to program my subconscious mind to generate a successful outcome. After doing the work required in the book and continuing to do the exercises, I had one of the most successful years of my life as a stuntman.

At the time, my goal was not specific to any income stream. I just focused on increasing my income. So my results reflected this. On closer inspection and with a different lens, the results became more specific to my online business.

So how does this work?

The Cybernetic Transposition technique works by taking a memory of a past success and ‘transposing’ it into a new result that you want to achieve. This leads you to involve all parts of the brain. Because the old memory was real, your subconscious mind remembers all the stimuli from the experience. Then you ‘insert’ a new experience but use old memory.

When your mind doesn’t know the difference, it is a very powerful tool. You can more effectively ‘talk’ to your subconscious mind in the feelings, emotions, smells and sights you understand. By creating what Stuart calls a ‘Meta-story’, you can effectively talk to your subconscious about exactly what you want to create.

So once you start doing this, your unconscious mind will bring up any problems you may have with your story. Usually these are the things that prevent someone from achieving their goals. These are your ‘blocks’ or your unconscious programming that prevents you from achieving anything you want.

This is an important part of Stuart’s three-step cybernetic transposition process. Develop a ‘meta-story’ and repeat it until it is programmed into his subconscious mind. As you repeat it, you rewrite it so that it more appropriately fits any unconscious conflicts you may have about your original goal.

This is an important part that many success manuals leave out. And it explains why so many of them fall short. Stuart’s method absolutely works. But you need to work on it to make it work. It is not a simple strategy that requires you to just repeat a mantra to yourself. It is much more complicated than that.

However, the work is worth it. If you can understand and align your subconscious blocks, you will be much more successful than if you just strive to achieve any goal by simply working on the “outer” physical process to achieve it.

The Stuart process allows you to align all parts of your brain to focus on your goal. When he does, he will ‘signal’ to his subconscious mind what he really wants. When you do this, your subconscious mind will be working on your goal, even while you sleep. When you are working on other things, your unconscious mind will find ways to achieve your goals.

If you have tried many success manuals and still have not achieved the life you really want. I recommend getting this book and studying it.

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