The blackening of America and other places!

It’s not about race; it’s about oil and unlearned lessons, neglected warnings, missed opportunities, and a future that’s black. Have you noticed that the news is full of accusations, promises of investigations, formation of commissions, warnings of prosecutions and basic indications? What is the subject of all this attention? Obviously, it’s the ongoing Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

It shouldn’t be necessary to recount the events or even update you on the worst environmental disaster on the planet since the biblical flood. Just turn on the news and get the latest news. My concern is not the loss of entire ecosystems, how many millions of gallons of oil are destroying all life in the Gulf, how the spill will reach the East Coast and perhaps Europe, the senseless loss of wildlife along with their homes. . , habitats and breeding grounds, or the economic destruction of the Gulf. Rather, my concern is whether the finger is pointing in the right direction or not.

It is certainly easy to target BP. And, there is no doubt that at some point, they will pay the piper. There are also those who made faulty equipment and did not make sure that all that equipment worked at such depths. Of course, we don’t want to forget those who issued permits when all the facts were not known and compliance was not guaranteed. Heads will no doubt roll, jobs will be lost, and fines will be paid. However, it must be remembered that those with financial power, historically at least, never really lose the power of money.

The United States, and most of the world, is at the crossroads of a great crisis. But is the crisis oil spills or something more fundamental? Here is the crux of the matter; We have developed a universal culture of blaming others for our ills. As a result, we have a buddy mentality that says that problems like oil spills, climate change, refugees, peace, pollution and other pressing global problems cannot be solved by the common person because it is beyond the reach of your ability and power to do so. . As long as we point the finger at another, we think that we are blameless and not responsible for solving problems. But let’s be clear, our insatiable appetite for oil, energy, and disposable consumer goods has allowed the rape and looting of the very house we live in. As long as our cars are running, the lights are on, the food is on the shelves, and we can get our hands on the latest disposable device, the black gold suppliers can do whatever they want. Certainly someone is watching them and if a problem occurs, ‘someone’ will take care of it.

Critics of concepts like the Law of Attraction like to point out disasters like genocide, disease, oil spills, rape, and a wide range of other seemingly disasters and argue that “certainly people don’t attract these things to themselves. ; too horrible “. Ah, the pointing-figure syndrome strikes again. Clearly, the people do not allow dictators to come to power. Clearly, we do not allow nations to commit genocide. Clearly, we do not overeat, so there is food for everyone. Clearly, we do not consume the majority of the world’s energy resources. Clearly, we treat everyone with respect and dignity and help everyone in need so that there is no need for crime. Clearly, the oil companies are greedy and get away with all sorts of machinations, but that’s not our problem. Clearly, someone else is always responsible for the world’s problems and there is nothing we can do about it.

In a way, all of the above are what are called “memes”. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading “The Mind Virus” by Richard Brodie. A ‘meme’ is a unit of information in one mind that influences events in such a way that more copies of itself are created in other minds. A mind virus is something that infects people with memes which, in turn, influence the behavior of infected people in such a way that the virus spreads. Dictators are adept at using memes to alter behavior public, just like corporate advertisers. Everybody, look at all the new diseases out there and look at all the stupid things that people buy because they are convinced that they must have those things. It takes us back to the oil spill in the Gulf. The reason the oil rig is there First of all is because we are convinced that we must have oil; that we must get it at all costs so that the Arabs cannot control us or cut off their supplies, and that even if there is a disaster, it has worked and there is nothing you can do about it because you really need the oil.

When we point the finger, we must discover that we are pointing in a mirror. We let ourselves be controlled and manipulated by the masters of memes. We bring into our lives what someone else says we should have. As a result, the Law of Attraction is fulfilled and we attract what we deserve, what we think, what we fear. There is a growing sense of futility, an emerging darkness in the American psyche. It is a mental virus that is spreading everywhere. Biologists tell us that one of the main causes of evolution is environmental stress. There are those who also say that humanity is on the verge of spontaneous evolution. While change does not require negative stress, humanity seems to rise to the occasion only when faced with disaster. Such disasters are now occurring in the environment, the economy, religion, education, politics, and in almost every aspect of human life. Many forces flow together in what appears to be an interesting 2012 scenario. We may wake up to find that we do not have to “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” We may discover that if we can create such grave injustices for ourselves and the place we live, then we also have the ability and power to create a world that makes sense.

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