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Thore Schölermann und Guido Horn wurden als Monstronaut und Stier enttarnt.

© ProSieben/Willi Weber

Cologne – beep, beep, beep, the bull loved you: pop singer Guildo Horn (58) was exposed in the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”. He received too few votes from the audience on Tuesday evening and therefore had to take off his mask, under which he had made extremely athletic appearances. It was a muscular bull in American football gear. The entertainer from Trier shared a fate with the presenter Thore Schölermann. This was also thrown out of the competition by the audience and thus exposed. Schölermann’s costume was the most bizarre in the whole show. He was in the so-called monstronaut.

Horn won seventh place in the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany in 1998 with his song “Guildo hat sich lieb” – “The Masked Singer” was still a challenge, he explained. “If you think you can sing – this is a completely different dimension,” he said. Under the mask it is cramped, you can hardly breathe.

📽️ Video | The unmasking of the bull

The name of the pop singer had been traded as a hot tip for the brutal Mucki-bull even before the exposure. As it turned out, he wore the clearest indication of his true identity on his head all along – two massive horns. Apparently an allusion to the name Horn.

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The advice team made up of Ruth Moschner (44), Rea Garvey (47) and Katrin Bauerfeind (38) also assumed a bull from Trier and ended up typing the correct name. Other wild theories – about Florian Silbereisen (39) – were sooner or later discarded. Horn had to acknowledge: “My goodness, you also know everything!”

There was a curious discussion about the identity of the muscle man, especially in the previous show. The trigger was anatomical distance learning in the advice team. Moschner had stated that she had researched and found that the bull – despite its athletic figure – had a “very flat, small bottom”. Her thesis at this time: “The bottom doesn’t fit Guildo Horn at all.” Instead, the presenter brought PUR singer Hartmut Engler (59) into play. As it turned out, the theory was a dead end.

Schölermann already had a guilty conscience

Thore Schölermann, too, had basically figured out what to do with the advice team. Katrin Bauerfeind (38) referred to “the whole posture” when the final oath had to be made. She is “relatively sure” that it is the moderator who is known from the casting show “The Voice of Germany” and the magazine “taff”. The 36-year-old peeled himself out of his 20-kilogram costume, sweaty.

“It’s so okay to go now,” said Schölermann about the audience’s vote. “I had such a guilty conscience that I had come this far against such good people,” he said. A little later, the moderator, who hadn’t always hit every note, announced: “I’m officially ending my music career.”

📽️ Video | The unmasking of the monstronaut

The monstronaut had acted on the show as extremely cheeky and mischievous. Shortly before his exposure, he ran into a palm tree in the studio. The idea behind the costume came from previous seasons of the show, in which well-known people sing under elaborate costumes and try to disguise their true identity. According to the legend invented by ProSieben, the monstronaut was the son of the little monster and the astronaut. Both characters are known from previous editions of the music puzzle show. The strange liaison could be read as a reference to Schölermann – he once played in the series “Forbidden Love”.

Odds have risen

Both Horn and Schölermann failed shortly before the final (March 23), which now includes four costumed celebrities: the turtle, the flamingo, the leopard and the dinosaur. The “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers (45), ex-swimmer Franziska van Almsick (42), sports presenter Katrin Müller-Hohenstein (55) and actor Henning Baum (48) have already been exposed.

The show again reached more viewers than in the previous week. An average of 3.47 million (market share 12.2 percent) watched. In the younger target group (14 to 49 years old) it was even 25.2 percent of the market. The double unmasking in the semifinals saw up to 7.29 million, as ProSieben announced on Wednesday morning.

In the Austrian offshoot of the show on Puls 4 (“The Masked Singer Austria”), Elisabeth Görgl as Weintraube and Cesar Sampson as Frechdachs had to give up on Monday. Before that, the singing competitions for Robert Almer, Klaus Eberhartinger, Nicole Beutler and Roberto Blanco were closed End. In the final, baby elephant, gelse and Danube nymph compete against each other. (dpa, APA)

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