The Irish castle of the ancestors of Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah Ferguson posted photos of the beautiful Powerscourt Castle on her social media.

On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, Patron Saint of the Irish, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York posted on her social networks photos of the beautiful Powerscourt Castle located in Enniskerry in Ireland. Little is known but Sarah has Irish roots through her late mother Susan Barrantes.

Susan Wright (1937-2008) was born in Nottinghamshire, daughter of Fitz Herbert Wright and the Honorable Doreen Wingfield, daughter of the 8th Viscount of Powerscourt. In 1956, she married Major Ronald Ferguson (1931-2003) who was the polo coach of the Duke of Edinburgh and then the Prince of Wales. The couple have two daughters: Jane (1957) and Sarah (1959).

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