The new Innsbruck Offspace “kiosk” for young art | Tiroler Tageszeitung Online is simmering

Von außen ist die multimediale Rauminstallation aktuell einsehbar. Nicole Weniger arbeitet schon seit 2018 an ihrem Vulcania-Projekt.

© Nicole Weniger

Innsbruck – At first it just steams, but eventually glowing lava shoots up and the volcano erupts. By the way, in Nicole Weniger’s video this volcano is the Patscherkofel. Since 2018 she has been pursuing the myth in her project “Vulcania” that it is boiling under Innsbruck’s local mountain. With performances, videos, an extensive publication and, most recently, a music album, she also used pseudoscientific theories to question which facts can still be trusted today. A room installation in the valley station – not from the Patscherkofel, but from the former Hungerburgbahn – now adds another facet to the project.

Less is the first Tyrolean artist in the new “kiosk”, an off-space that wants to show young art in the future. It was initiated by the Talstation association around managing director Thomas Krug, who has been using the cultural center next to the dilapidated rotunda, which until 2010 housed the giant circular painting, since 2018. The concept came up with a first installation in 2019. With Weniger’s contribution, which is currently absolutely Corona-compliant and can be experienced from the outside in a multisensory way, the “kiosk” would like to be established as a new space, said Krug.

In the “kiosk” he would like to show primarily young, local artists who do not find accommodation in classic gallery rooms. It is not yet clear who will design the program. Whether, as with other offspaces, for example in the cube in front of the Landestheater (managed by “Reich für die Insel”) or in the already closed Space Nouvelle in Bürgerstraße (managed by art historian Anna Fliri), which will remain temporarily used as a “kiosk”, is still open : Until February 2022, the association may use the valley station “kiosk” and cultural center in any case. Currently with art and online formats. (colorful)

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