The wind in my heart and the descent of the heart

The wind in my heart and the descent of the heart

the wind in my heart

Wind, where is it?

It comes and it goes.

It makes its way through the leaves of a tree,

I still can’t see

where the wind comes from, or where it will go.

I like how the wind makes the leaves of the trees rustle.

It is a peaceful tone very similar to a soft rain.

We have a cool summer night.

There is a similar wind in my heart.

It makes its way through my soul,

and I’m fresh again.

It’s the air that I breathe

and the strength that life gives me.

*Note on the above poem; This poem was written years ago when I was in seminary looking out my bedroom window as the wind blew the leaves from a tree in front of me. This was at night and was very inspiring to me as I gathered pen and ink to create this poem.

the descent of the heart

the descent into the heart

reveals multiple layers

and endless roads

discovered for the grievance.

our heart is broken

experiencing the hope of the spirit

through the devastation of loss

taking us to an abyss.

Often an attempt to recover

what can not be

guide our deepest heart

in a nucleus of existence.

where our hearts give way

to what is beyond,

awakening our soul

bathing in eternity

Samuel Oliver, author of “What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons About Life”

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