The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a good game wrapped up in a horrible one. It is a composed and woven story of Geralt of Rivia, the titular sorcerer, monster hunter, who searches for the girl he considers to be his adopted daughter, Ciri, while being hunted by the Wild Hunt, a team of magical warriors, for reasons unknown. .

The Glitcher is a poorly made RPG, full of sexist cliches, inaccurate fighting mechanics, occasional mistakes, and infuriating design that often makes you moan or roll your eyes.

The big world of this Witcher release is an ugly fantasy world, cleverly designed to exploit the action and immersive experience.

Geralt the Witcher is chasing the trail of his pupil / daughter Ciri, making the most of his ability as a tracker to track down the weak clues and tracks left by Ciri as she escapes from the ghostly and terrifying Wild Hunt.

The haunted horsemen are hunting Ciri for unknown reasons causing even more misery to the local inhabitants as they are already dealing with another attack from the Nilfgaard Empire, the situation is miserable, the landscape is bleak but the game is a joy .

This is an action RPG with many traditional elements exposed and exchanged with unique functions. You can’t create a group of characters, and you only have limited control over Geralt’s appearance, more based on the real world when visiting hair salons and clothing stores.

Whereas the basics of combat are comparatively straightforward; light attack, heavy attack and dodge, the difficulty increases as time passes. Geralt will shape a bestiary of enemies, learning the weaknesses of a wide variety of creatures.

Riding, through alchemy, oils, and potions, Gerailt can increase his chances in battle through careful advance planning. This engages players even more in the world, Geralt will at some point employ Batman-style investigation of a search scene, researching the area to help conclude what he will be up against shortly. There is no use hitting a little spectral oil on your silver sword if Geralt turns the next corner when he comes up against a werewolf.

Signs complete Geralt’s battle collection. These magic attacks are unlocked early on and you’ll use them all at times, courtesy of a few as you progress through the game, improving them where you can.

And there is so much to do, each question mark discovered on the map is a drawing card, as it can contain anything as mundane as a bandit camp or a monster nest, or most of the time, a sub-quest. complete and developed with conclusions and consequences. .

Even touring the landscape on foot or on horseback has its rewards. The wind blows sadly through heavily forested areas or through swamps. The cities are occupied by dour people who go about their business, both humble and grand.

Geralt is not saving the world, but mission after mission is making a difference on earth. Meeting old partners and enemies, discovering new story elements, or playing a good game of Gwent are all extremely satisfying.


Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt receives the highest of recommendations, there are hundreds of hours of gameplay here with little padding. There’s no polishing, a pleasantly complex leveling system, crafting, alchemy, and much more.

In contrast to Skyrim, this is a world you want to be a part of, read every burned note or leather-bound book. You want to explore every question mark on the map, walk all the roads, and possibly even dive below the surface of every sea or stream. But at some point you must rejoin the real world.

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