These kindergarten activities will teach children many things

Kindergarten is the place where the child is introduced to the world. This is the place where they learn everything. There are so many things that a child can learn in kindergarten, such as cooking, painting, writing, playing, etc. to give you an idea of ​​all the things you have to do in your life. If you are a kindergarten teacher and cannot find new productive activities to teach children, then you should give it a try.

Draft activity – Not the simple and boring ones, but the mini with cute and funny images. You can ask the children to decorate something. You can write a name on a sheet and the children had to draw the line with it. You can also get erasers in different shapes and sizes, like erasers in the form of alphabets. Children will not only find this cute, but will also be able to tell the difference between the shapes through this hands-on experience.

Teaching festival – When a festival is coming up, you can tell stories about the festivals and then ask the children to make cards for it. And not just cards, children can enjoy their time doing many things related to the festival. For example, for next Christmas, children can draw Santa Claus, make Christmas trees out of cardboard, and decorate it with colors. In this way children will learn about the festival and also practice arts and crafts.

Teach Sentence Completion – Here’s another idea. To teach children to complete sentences, you can write small, easy words of a sentence on plastic cups and ask them to put them in the correct order. Other than that, you can teach them to fill in the blanks. Write sentences on the board, but without words. Make a few fragments of the missing words along with a few more and ask them to choose the correct word.

Cooking – When it comes to cooking, you can teach children many things that do not require a gas stove such as drinks, smoothies, cotton candy.

If you teach children to plant trees and make them understand how important plants are to us, it will be a good life lesson for them. They will understand the importance of vegetation and will be interested in stringing plants. In this process, they will also understand the difference between types of trees. So overall it will be a great environmental experience for them.

Teach them to draw the art of shadows – Many children find shadows very interesting as they do not understand the concept of them. You must have seen a child run away from the shade as it is a bad thing. You can use this children’s interest to draw their attention to the art of shadows. Teach them a little physics knowledge about light and how the shadow appears and the child is ready to go.

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