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Angefangen haben „Hearts Hearts“ 2015, ihr drittes Studioalbum „Love Club Members“ erscheint am kommenden Freitag.

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Innsbruck – Welcome to the “Love Club”, in which love is not negotiated lavishly and often in an exaggeratedly emotional manner between two people, but which you simply join in order to receive love in an uncomplicated manner for a small membership fee. Love to take away once? For Hearts Hearts, that is David Österle, Daniel Hämmerle, Johannes Mandorfer and Peter Paul Aufreiter, a cool membership as an approach to the topic of love lies in contrast to the often heated discussion about interpersonal relationships. “With their third album,“ Love Club Members ”, which will be released on Friday, the indie pop quartet from Vienna is dedicating itself to the big pop theme for the first time.

“For a long time we approached music in a very intellectual way,” explains guitarist Daniel Hämmerle in an interview with TT. The new album, however, testifies to a kind of liberation. For the first time, the band feels confident enough to dedicate itself musically to love. From this confrontation eleven songs were created that shed light on all facets of interpersonal relationships – the relationship between you and me with all its absurdities, without detours, without platitudes. It’s about the big step that is taken in the head, but not in real life (in “Rub My Eyes”) or the uncertain feeling when you have dared to take a decisive step, but not much of what feels like spring remains (in “Some Oceans Away”). That leads to wild rebellion: “Wild At Heart” celebrates the “Get out of this life”, which I never imagined. So is love only for those who know how to play?

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No, love is always a bit unplanned, says drummer Johannes Mandorfer. So she doesn’t know “members only”. Unplanned, the band flew the topic itself at all. Hämmerle explains that the pandemic only made its contribution during the fine-tuning. “The emotional bond has been uncomfortably rationalized away,” Österle recalls of the past few months. The band itself also had to fight back to see what it was. The only advantage of the current situation was that there was surprisingly more time for reflection, said Österle. Like so many others, the album should have been released in 2020.

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However, “Love Club Members” did not become a Corona album. Hearts Hearts made a conscious political statement at the end of 2020 with “Ikarus (I Feel a Change)”. And the aspect for the new music excluded again. She prefers to concentrate on the stylistic awakening. The debut “Young” (2015) and the successor “Good / Gods” (2019) were a lot more cryptic. Now the “Love Club Members” are listening to The National or Arcade Fire and at the same time are open to great pop that is never banal. Sometimes it’s the playfulness that infects (“Easy”), sometimes the clarity that catches (“The Fan” with OSKA). Hearts Hearts will cool euphoric pop and pathos down to room temperature in 2021. So that it comes across as cool enough away from the clubs. (colorful)

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