Tina Turner says goodbye to her fans: “This is the end”

The 81-year-old music queen, retired to her Zurich residence alongside her husband Erwin Bach, explains her choice in this film titled Tina. Between her youth spent in Brownsville Tennessee to the suicide of her son in 2018 (at 59) through her stroke, her cancer, her ordeal alongside her ex-husband Ike Turner who beat her (“My life is a life full of abuse”), or her kidney transplant in 2017, the singer literally bares herself. “I survived but I didn’t live, says the interpreter of Private Dancer and of Goldeneye. I started to think about death. If my kidneys failed me, it was time to go. I could accept that, when the time was right, it was right. “ Her deepest wish for the end of her life? Stay away from the spotlight. According to her husband, she even made her farewell trip already at the Broadway premiere of the show inspired by her life, The Tina Turner Story. “Tina said, ‘I’m going to America to say goodbye to my American fans and I’ll wrap up.’ And I think this documentary and the musical, that’s it – it’s an end.”

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