Tips for Choosing the Right Copiers for Sale


Copiers are machines that make paper copies of documents. They are very useful and have been around for many years. Most copiers make use of heat fusing, while some models use inkjet technology to make copies.

types of copiers

Analog Copiers: These Are Outdated

Digital copiers: These can print, scan, and fax in addition to making copies.

Types of digital copies include:

Monochrome copiers: make copies only in black.

Color Copiers: They can make copies of documents in a range of colors.

All-in-one copier: can print, scan and fax.

Multifunction copiers: They come with a very wide range of functions.

Factors to consider when choosing a copy

When purchasing a copier, the following factors should be considered:

Consideration should be given to the amount of paper that can be loaded into the machine at any one time. The smallest copiers will be able to take around 100 sheets of paper, while the most advanced models can load up to 2000 sheets.

The size of the paper used: Some models only support a certain size of paper, while others accept a wide variety of paper sizes.

The speed at which the copies are made: The speed can be as low as 20 copies per minute or as high as 100 copies per minute.

Toner – This is for digital copiers. Monochrome copiers use a single toner cartridge, while color copiers will require multiple toner cartridges for the different basic colors.

Memory: The latest models have some memory features, which makes them work more efficiently.

Additional Capabilities – Some of these features include scanning, faxing, networking capabilities, email, security features, image editing.

What are some companies that make copies for sale?

Konica Minolta: This company offers a wide range of digital copiers

Sharp: They make multifunctional computers with a wide range of capabilities.

Toshiba – manufactures a wide range of photocopiers for office use.

Xerox: the machines of this manufacturer stand out for their durability.

Lanier: Produces a wide range of digital computers.

What are some models of copies for sale?

Ricoh aficio mp 301: This is a digital copier model that can copy, print, scan, and fax. It has a speed of about 31 pages per minute. Its capacity is 250 sheets. It copies at a resolution of 600 by 600 dots per inch and the machine weighs 57.13 pounds.

RICH MP 3352: This is a digital copier that can scan, print and fax in addition to copying. Copy at a speed of 33 pages per minute. Its tray can be loaded with 500 sheets of paper. It copies at a resolution of 600 by 600 dots per inch and the machine weighs 143 pounds.

Rico aficio mp 4002: This is another digital copier. You can copy, scan, fax and print. It has a 500-sheet capacity and copies at a speed of 40 pages per minute. It has a resolution of 600 by 600 dots per inch and the machine weighs 214 pounds.

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