Top 3 Reasons Diaphragmatic Breathing Is Number 1 To Prepare Your Voice For Training

If you’ve only experienced difficulty with breath control when singing, you may be missing a very simple technique that only deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises can help you develop. I hate having to sound like a broken record sometimes, but breathing is everything, if you want to keep your notes like a pro. I know it may sound a bit basic AND predictable, but it will make a big difference to the way you sing. The more your breath gets in the way of your ability to sing smoothly, the more you want to learn the secret to good breath control. In this article, you will be surprised to find out how effective a simple breathing exercise is in preparing your voice for training.

The most common complaint among beginners is “I don’t seem to have enough breath!” Well, only regular breathing exercises are needed to correct that. I wonder if you’ve noticed how anxious the prospect of running out of breath makes you when you sing. Which brings me to point number one: When you do your deep diaphragmatic breathing exercise before training, it not only relaxes you so that anxiety and tension go away, but it also prepares you to breathe properly for the exercises you are about to do. do. . And the second reason why it’s so important for singers to incorporate this into their training regimen is because it opens up their respiratory system to function as it should, when they sing.

I always tell my students, and this is the third reason why diaphragmatic breathing is critically important in preparing the voice for training, which essentially allows for breath control. When breathing is natural, it becomes the last thing to think about when you sing. I’d like to remove the barricades so that I can travel worry-free on the highway. The less you have to think about your breath, the easier it will be to sing with good breath control, because your breathing-to-sing mechanism works optimally. So my favorite breathing exercise is to breathe in for a count of eight, hold your breath for a count of eight, and then breathe out with a whistle for sixteen. And you can sip it or gradually drop your jaw to let it comfortably and easily enter your abdominal area. You will find that sipping is especially effective in rapidly building your capacity. A bit challenging for some, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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