Top Crypto Gainers This Year

Top Crypto Gainers

If you are looking for some of the biggest gains in crypto this year, you should check out Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity project. The XAI token soared 16,160% in 2021 and is a promising project. Its rapid growth was fueled by the Philippines’ coronavirus outbreak, which made millions of people unemployed and left them looking for jobs. XAI is also a promising crypto exchange, and its rise is fueling the growth of many other “play-to-earn” crypto projects.

In a recent study, Mudrex tracked the returns of more than 300 cryptocurrencies. The top gainers this year included Gala (511,000%), Axie Infinity (9000%), Terra (9000%), Fantom (15500%), and Harmony, which rose by 13,000 percent in a year. In addition, the top 10 cryptocurrencies are likely to grow even higher this coming year.

In addition to Axie, Binance Coin, and others jumped to the top of the crypto market this year. Some of these are decentralized and offer rewards for participation. The most popular of these coins is NEO, which is a monetary asset that allows users to share bandwidth. Only meme coin has made a 1,000 percent gain this far. The coin didn’t exist as of Jan. 1 and its fundamentals are still in the early stages.

Top Crypto Gainers This Year

The other top gainers in 2021 are based on the new wave of decentralized web apps. While the web 2.0 was a huge success, there’s now a whole new ecosystem emerging. This new wave of cryptos is driven by the new paradigm, Web 3.0. Axie Infinity is one of the biggest gains this year, with $1 billion in capitalization in a few months. Despite its volatility, bitcoin remains the top cryptocurrency with 42% volume dominance and $1.1 trillion market cap.

Avax and Axie Infinity are among the Top Crypto Gainers this year. Their XMR token has gained 1,270% this year, while MATIC gained 12,000%. Other top cryptocurrency gains this century are: Axie Infinity, LUNA, and Axie Infinity. While Axie was the first crypto to hit the top 100 on the list in January, the latter was the first to reach the top spot in January 2022. Its co-founder announced a new breed of the digital pets. The community manager also launched a giveaway to help users create their own pet’s egg incubator.

The popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow worldwide. Once a small group of investors were interested in the technology, today the market is a major global trend. The cryptocurrencies that are gaining this year are the latest XMR tokens, as well as the Axie Infinity XMR token. All these cryptocurrencies are backed by their unique ecosystems. Its value is growing as more people realize its utility.

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