Top Secret – How to fix my Xbox

Don’t hate when your Xbox is broken! I do it and learn how to fix my xbox. I came home one day with a new game, I had been waiting for years, but when I put it on, oh no … it didn’t work. So I tried everything, and FINALLY got it to work.

It had what a lot of people keep getting: the 3 red lights. I didn’t know what to do so I went online and found something that fixed it. I figured out how to fix my xbox on the internet, and you’re about to do it. Sometimes the silliest things keep our xboxs from working, so be sure to give these tips a try.

Number 4 is a temporary fix for the 3 red lights, so if that’s your problem, skip to 4. I used it first to fix my xbox, but ended up finding something permanent later.

  1. Clean the disc. This catches a lot of people! This is how I repair my xbox, or at least what I have done before. Just cleaning the disc and checking for scratches usually fixes it.
  2. Check your cables. Another dummy, but something I used when I was learning how to fix my xbox. It’s not what is wrong very often, but it’s worth a quick check just in case.
  3. Check your controller. These wireless controllers can run out of power without warning, so if your controller won’t turn on, you have a battery problem. This is another simple thing but sometimes it can be the solution. This is how I repair my xbox and what I used once.
  4. 3 red lights arrangement. This is by no means permanent, it only lasts for 4-5 days, but at least you’re getting more playtime! You can fix your xbox by making it overheat. Not recommended, but it works. I came across this hack when looking for how to fix my xbox. Works. Turn on your xbox and wrap it in towels. Leave it for a while, come back, remove the towels, and let it cool while it’s off. Then turn it on. 9 times out of 10 you will get more playtime.

Luck with everything! These things should work and you should be able to get your xbox to work. I searched and found these things; I learn to fix my xbox.

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