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Löst viele Probleme und kennt nur eines: Wo lässt sich der 5,34 Meter lange Tourneo Custom am besten parken?

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By Markus Höscheler

Thaur – Of course, there is one thing he cannot hide, the Tourneo Custom: its proximity to the commercial vehicle sector. If it weren’t for the side glazing in the rear area, the panel van character of the virtually identical Transit Custom would come out more, but the use of darkened glass behind the B-pillar makes it clear that we’re dealing with a people carrier here, with one extremely spacious, as catches the eye at the latest when the sliding door is open or the rear opening is opened. Three rows of seats can be occupied, row two is in the from TT Test cars driven are even placed against the direction of travel, so that a kind of sociability can set in in the vehicle cabin. There is plenty of legroom, no shortage of headroom and, thanks to the single seat configuration, the elbows also have freedom of movement.

And what if you need to transport something other than half a soccer team? Then it is quite easy to fold down the seats, as well as to move them on the rails (expanding it, on the other hand, requires more activity on the part of the biceps / triceps group). On the other hand, the loading compartment already offers 1.9 cubic meters of loading volume thanks to the long wheelbase and a body length of 5.34 meters (there is also a basic version with a vehicle length of almost five meters). Bulky winter sports equipment quickly found its place, and shopping in the furniture store will also turn out to be a feasible task.

The journey to the destination, whether the said retail facility or the valley station of a winter sports area, should be equally comfortable, if not thwarted by lockdown measures: A six-speed automatic frees you from annoying shifting tasks, a 185 hp four-cylinder turbodiesel can master the acceleration tasks brilliantly with 415 Newton meters. At most, the restriction to front-wheel drive is sometimes not that cheap, an all-wheel drive configuration would quickly be on the wish list in our latitudes, but it does not play – even if it is currently with a convincingly high ground clearance and even an off-road element like can boast of a running board.

On the wish list mentioned above, we would also have to add the need for sufficient parking space – because the Tourneo Custom cannot be found everywhere in the central Tyrolean area. Thanks to the angular structure, the vehicle can be parked quite easily, a reversing camera and parking sensors secure the rest.

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Such family-friendly buses generally have an economic catch – you need a generous financial background for the purchase of a Transit Custom, especially since the version driven here already costs more than 60,000 euros. Certainly it would also be cheaper if, for example, the 102 hp basic diesel were to come into their own, the Trend basic equipment was built in and the normal-sized version were used. And various campaigns by the importer are also relevant – the Tourneo Custom is currently being offered for leasing from 33,990 euros: There are sliding doors on both sides, a cruise control system, a park pilot system at the front and rear, bi-xenon headlights with static Cornering lights, LED daytime running lights, front electric windows and central locking with remote control.

Two variants of the Transit Custom are quite fresh. On the one hand, it can now be obtained as a plug-in hybrid variant, which offers a combination of a one-liter, three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor for almost 50 kilometers of purely electric driving. In addition, the new Active equipment and design version is used, which gives the Tourneo Custom an optical off-road character. Standard features include plastic cladding and roof rails.

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