Tree fell on woman in Innsbruck: 46-year-old in critical condition after surgery | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Der Baum traf eine Frau und kappte die Stromleitung der Straßenbahn.


Innsbruck – Monday morning at 7.45 a.m., a tree fell in the Ingenieur-Etzel-Straße in Innsbruck. A 46-year-old woman who was walking with her son on the sidewalk near the arches of the viaduct was hit. She suffered severe head injuries and was admitted to the clinic. She was operated on in the morning, around noon she was transferred to the intensive care unit in critical condition, said clinic spokesman Johannes Schwamberger.

According to the police, the seven-year-old boy suffered abrasions and was in shock. The father came to the scene of the accident and drove to the clinic with the child.

The tree cut the tram’s power line. The connection of line 1 was interrupted until noon.

?️ Video | Baum fell over in Innsbruck: mother was seriously injured

Why the tree fell was initially unknown, but the Innsbruck public prosecutor’s office appointed a court-sworn expert to examine the tree.

According to the city’s broadcast, the tree has so far made a healthy impression above ground. “After the whole tree including the root plate fell, we now got a look into the root area. It turned out that some roots were damaged,” said Thomas Klingler, Head of the Office for Green Areas in an initial reaction.

“The news of the regrettable accident hit everyone in the city of Innsbruck deeply. Of course everything will be done to obtain a complete and detailed explanation of the incident,” said Innsbruck’s Mayor Georg Willi. (, APA)

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