Unique Elliptical Trainer Review

Unique Elliptical Trainer Review

Sole ellipticals are relatively new to the elliptical market, so you may or may not have heard of the brand before. However, these elliptical machines are gaining popularity very quickly due to their high quality and great warranty. If you’ve recently visited a Hilton hotel and requested in-room fitness, you may have noticed that the elliptical trainers they provide are made by Sole. These ellipticals are becoming more recognized due to their reputation for quality and durability.

If you’re thinking about buying an elliptical machine for your fitness needs, one of the things you’ll want to consider is the warranty, and Sole offers one of the best. You can be sure that a company that offers such a guarantee is willing to stake its reputation on the quality and durability of its product. The warranty includes five years of coverage on parts and electronic components and two years of labor. Even some of the more expensive elliptical models don’t offer that guarantee.

One of the best things about Sole ellipticals is that they offer proper foot alignment, which is a vital concern as incorrect body alignment can cause injury. And if you’ve ever worked out on an elliptical, then you know that your alignment can be out of balance, especially on the less durable and inexpensive models. The foot pads on Sole elliptical machines are set at a two-degree inward angle, allowing for proper alignment when exercising, effectively minimizing injury concerns.

One of the complaints from many users of elliptical machines and home fitness equipment in general is the weight limit. Now how is a 330 pound overweight person supposed to work out on some of the less durable models with only a 250 pound weight capacity? It’s very daunting. Sole ellipticals eliminate this concern with their generous 400-pound weight capacity. In fact, these elliptical machines are the only machines that allow for this type of weight capacity. This is great news for those who are extremely overweight and want to exercise in comfort.

Taller individuals will be happy to know that one of the features of the Sole elliptical machines is a stride length that reaches up to twenty inches; many other machines pale in comparison. Most elliptical machines only offer stride lengths of twelve to sixteen inches.

You can have a Sole elliptical trainer for under $1700, which is great for features and quality. Just compare the Sole elliptical to other comparable machines and you’ll see that the Sole offers a quality product so it can be considered a bargain. If you’re considering adding an elliptical trainer to your workout equipment, the Sole elliptical machine is definitely worth a perusal.

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