Unprecedented rejection for Innsbruck Greens, coalition of four has burst | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

“The conservative majority in this House simply couldn’t get over the fact that we Greens won the election and appointed the mayor.”

Uschi Schwarzl (Greens)


“That is the low point in this house. Dear Mayor, dear Greens, I don’t understand your approach to democratic decisions. “

Christoph Appler (ÖVP)


“The Greens brought about the end of the coalition through ignorant behavior. It’s about ideology and, even worse, about power and securing income. “

Helmut Buchacher (SPÖ)


“My democratic heart is stronger than my ideological heart. I am not defending a FPÖ vice mayor, but democracy. “

Julia Seidl (NEOS)


“In the midst of the crisis, the mayor is not interested in the concerns of the population, but in personnel debates and his ideology.”

Andrea Dengg (FPÖ)


“It is never too late. I advise you Greens to break away from the strategists in the back rooms. A lot of aggression emanates from them. “

Lucas Krackl (For Innsbruck)

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