Vincent Bueno with “Amen”: This is what Austria’s contribution to the Song Contest sounds like Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Mit der Ballade „Amen“ will es Vincent Bueno ins ESC-Finale schaffen.


Vienna – Austria conjures up divine support at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The song, with which Vincent Bueno competes in the 65th edition of the song dispute – it is to take place in Rotterdam at the end of May under massive security precautions – is entitled “Amen”. Today the song and the accompanying video were released.

📽️ Video | Vincent Bueno “Amen”

In contrast to “Alive”, with which Bueno was supposed to take part in the song contest that was ultimately canceled due to Corona, the 35-year-old Viennese did not write “Amen” himself. The number labeled as “Power Ballad” comes from the pen of the internationally sought-after composer trio Tobias Carshey, Ashley Hicklin and Jonas Thander. With her song “She Got Me” the Swiss Luca Hänni reached fourth place at the ESC 2019.

In terms of content, “Amen” is about saying goodbye. ORF program director Kathrin Zechner underlines the “spiritual” note of the ballad. As “a sign of overcoming on the way to something new”, it is a perfect fit for Bueno, according to Zechner.

In any case, he has to overcome the semi-finals of the ESC with “Amen”. The semi-finals are scheduled for May 18th and 19th in the Ahoy Arena. The final will take place on May 22nd. 40 countries will take part in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. (

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