Viral Marketing or Buzz Marketing: An Introduction

Viral Marketing or Buzz Marketing: An Introduction

In the online marketing industry, viral marketing or buzz marketing is quite an effective technique that many online marketers are using these days to market their products or services. Also known as viral internet marketing, this is a marketing strategy that compels consumers and customers to give or show your products and other service information to their colleagues, acquaintances, and even family members. In essence, your customers will have the opportunity to market your products and services to other potential customers and individuals.

Viral marketing or buzz marketing is not really a new concept. In the old days, before the advent of the Internet and online marketing, this advertising method was known as “word of mouth” marketing. Although the terms are different, both strategies serve the same basic purpose: to entice customers to efficiently market your product or service at relatively low cost. The concept works much like a gossip or a wildfire where it will spread rapidly on its own when started.

The digital age has brought with it new tools and technologies that have made business marketing much more efficient and productive. These days, with the availability of social media and a variety of digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and PC tablets, starting an online viral marketing strategy is not that difficult. With social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, spreading your message to the rest of the world has never been so essential. All of this has made sharing and forwarding messages and emails much simpler for most common consumers.

What exactly is the importance of viral marketing or buzz marketing? This type of marketing strategy works on the theory that product promotions, offers, and messages coming from your company can spread to potential customers exponentially. This is where social media plays an important factor in promoting your company’s brand, product or service. Today’s Internet marketers, for example, make good use of YouTube, the popular video-sharing website, to promote ideas, products, services, or messages in a more convenient and effective way.

However, the key to a successful viral marketing program is creating something that people want to share with their friends, colleagues, and family. Keep in mind that people are drawn to images, videos, or messages that arouse certain emotions. Whether it’s funny, thought-provoking, or emotional, your message is sure to spread quickly if it appeals to a wide variety of people or consumers.

However, this type of marketing method is like a double edged knife as it works both ways. If you’re not careful, this promising Internet marketing method could hurt your business just as quickly as it can increase your popularity. If you don’t market your business honestly and accurately, news of your product failures or inconsistencies could also spread to potential customers pretty quickly. So, if you plan to use viral internet marketing or buzz marketing to advertise your product or service, always make sure to follow proper marketing ethics to avoid alienating potential customers as well as your loyal customers.

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