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Stattliche Erscheinung: der facegeliftete Tiguan mit Dynamik versprechenden R-Design-Elementen.

© TT/Höscheler

By Markus Höscheler

Innsbruck – This sporty motorization was not missing if we look at the sales figures for the Tiguan: Volkswagen sold 911,000 compact SUVs worldwide in the previous year – no other brand model was more successful in 2019. This year VW has planned three things: firstly, modernize the Tiguan, secondly, donate a plug-in hybrid drive, and thirdly, offer a sporty top model for the first time. This is the Tiguan R, equipped with a 320 hp two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that generates a maximum torque of 420 Newton meters from 2100 revolutions per minute.

The vehicle is also equipped with a seven-speed double clutch and an extended 4Motion all-wheel drive, which, with wheel-selective torque control on the rear axle, ensures even more driving pleasure in fast corners. Indeed, the Tiguan R caused a sensation on its first appearance in Tyrol: Rolling on mighty 19-inch wheels, decorated with elegant R design elements – and reinforced with a stormy gasoline engine. The unit has the required smoothness, but is nevertheless very vigilant when it comes to changes to the accelerator pedal position. The throttle response is spontaneous, and the double clutch specially designed for higher torques is largely attentive.

The power of the engine is enormous, the Tiguan R rushes forward quickly and remains stable as far as the chassis is concerned. This can appear quite tight, but can be adjusted more comfortably via the wide range of driving profiles, if the driver or the rest of the occupants so wish. The Tiguan R has a particularly “toxic” effect in so-called race mode (can be activated via an R button on the multifunction steering wheel).

In any case, the progressive steering, which works with a varying gear ratio, made a good first impression. The faster the Tiguan R is on the move, the more direct the transmission is – which promotes dynamic driving experiences and enables easy steering in slow-moving passages (e.g. when parking).

In spite of all its athleticism, the Tiguan R has a high degree of suitability for everyday use, as evidenced by the valuable interior, the pleasant space in both rows of seats and the quite large loading compartment (615 liters, with the rear seat backs folded down it is 1655 liters).

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