Washable Dog Beds – No More Smelly Dog Beds

Many beds get drool from a dog’s mouth, mainly when playing with toys or chewing on its bones. While some dog beds accumulate pieces of canine bone, which can result in a very unhealthy appearance. From personal experience, he used to have a bed that he didn’t know how to wash. This bed cost me a fortune and was filthy in two weeks. I was forced to put this bed in strange places so that the guests could not see it, nor myself. I always found myself constantly spraying it with Lysol and other scent sprays to help with the odor. I started researching and found washable dog beds. When I bought one, I was able to put the dog bed wherever I wanted because it was always clean and looked great with the furniture in my house.

Why clean your dog’s bedding?

Think about it, when we wake up in the morning, the first news of the business after a nice hot shower is making our beds. We like to lie down on fresh clean sheets and enjoy what we have paid for. Like humans, dogs love to lie down on clean sheets. Why wouldn’t you want your best friend to be clean and comfortable? Not only clean and comfortable, but a clean bed will also help your animal feel safe and secure.

Over a long period of time, you will begin to notice mold and mildew on your old dog’s bed. Some will even accumulate odor and smell very bad. This can cause household problems for you and your family, and it can be very unpleasant to smell the overtime. Also, very dirty beds will start to accumulate fleas and other problems for your pet. Many people invest in products to help their pet fight fleas, but in the long run, the dog keeps coming back with the same fleas. This is because they are infested in your bed and will continue there until washed. Having washable beds is very important to keeping a clean and healthy smelling canine!

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