Weight Training Routine – For Girls

Contrary to popular belief, weight training will not give girls big muscles. It occurs in boys because they have testosterone that helps the body build muscle mass. Dumbbells will help girls build long, lean muscles that will give them an athletic appearance. Also, it will help you burn calories faster; build strong bones and better cardiovascular endurance. Here are some helpful tips to help develop a weight training routine.

has) What is your “why”. You must have a reason to start resistance training: increasing strength, losing weight, and sport-specific training are common reasons. What you are trying to achieve will determine how you will establish your routine.

b) As a beginner, you don’t need a gym membership, you can use a dumbbell set at home. They usually come in 3, 5, 8, and 10 pounds, but even larger ones can be purchased if needed. For a more versatile item, use resistance bands which are much easier to carry around and use in a hotel room.

against) Schedule a regular workout time to get into a routine. Giving yourself time to finish your workout will help you avoid feeling rushed and make it a positive experience.

d) Warm up properly with some cardio (5-10 minutes) and light stretching to get your muscles ready for training.

me) The exercises you choose will be determined by your reason for being there. Your upper body can include push-ups, triceps extensions, upright rows, and dumbbell military presses. Lower body exercises can include dead lifts, squats, and lunges.

F) The most common routines involve three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions per exercise. This can change depending on your goal. Endurance goals will use more reps, strength gains will use fewer reps with more weight. Use a heavy enough weight to make the exercise challenging.

gram) The technique is important to obtain good results. Use your muscles and not momentum to lift the weight. This means not swinging the weight or using body motion to get it moving. Contract the muscle at the end of the movement to force it to work harder. Keep the pressure off your joints by understanding the proper way to use. There are many free resources online that will show you how.

h) Your rest time between sets will vary from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the type of routine you are using. The most common is a 1 minute break.

Yo) A cool down after weight training will help prevent soreness later on. Light jogging and stretching work well.

Girls weight training doesn’t have to be scary. You won’t be able to lift as much as the guys, but the intention is not to compare yourself to anyone else. Compete with yourself to reach your goals.

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