What Are the Most Popular Products Sold by a Smart Home Supplier?

Smart Home Supplier

From the days of the Jetsons, we’ve idolized the idea of a home that does it all. Now, with smart technology becoming more affordable and easily accessible, that dream is closer than ever before. With the ability to automate tasks that would normally require a lot of manual effort, these devices can make life easier for homeowners and renters alike.

In the United States alone, more than 57 million homes have at least one smart device. These include smart doorbells, thermostats, lighting control systems, smart security cameras, and even appliances like washers and dryers. And with more brands and models entering the market every year, it’s no wonder that people are eager to embrace this new form of technology.

While the most popular smart home supplier products are likely the omnipresent smartphones, with 57% of Americans owning at least one, there are many more devices that have been gaining popularity. Video doorbells are at the top of the list, with millennials leading the charge for ownership. According to a recent survey, people with these kinds of smart gadgets report feeling 60% safer + protected and that there is a cost-benefit in having them in their homes.

What Are the Most Popular Products Sold by a Smart Home Supplier?

Other popular smart devices include smart speakers, which are owned by 21% of American households, and smart frames, which turn any television into a smart TV. These devices are used to stream digital content and display personalized art, allowing users to customize their experience without having to purchase or mount additional hardware.

A big factor in the popularity of these devices is the availability of different personal voice assistants to help with their daily routine. With Alexa, Google, Siri, and Cortana being at the top of the list, people can use their preferred assistant to control a number of their smart devices with just a spoken command.

With the rise of smart technology, consumers are also looking for ways to streamline their home’s energy efficiency. By installing smart light bulbs and switches, you can reduce your electricity bill by turning off lights when you’re not using them. Or, you can set up a schedule to automatically turn them off when you leave the house. There are even smart plugs, which allow you to remotely turn off anything connected to them, from coffee pots to curling irons.

In addition to smart home hubs, there are standalone devices like smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These are great options for those who are looking to automate their home’s safety, but don’t want the added expense of a smart hub. The top-rated choice in this category is the Nest Protect, which integrates with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa via a Homebridge. Other popular choices include the Samsung SmartThings system and the Lutron Caseta line of smart devices.

The biggest players in this space are the three main smart home companies: Amazon, Google, and Apple. They each offer a wide range of devices, and most of the best ones work with all three platforms. However, if you’re looking for the most complete integration of your smart home devices, you’ll probably be better off sticking with the big three.

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