What is a money line at a sports betting event?

When sports bettors make a money line bet, they are betting on the outright winner of the event, regardless of the point spread. Moneyline betting odds are posted on Major League Baseball, NFL and the rest of the 5 popular sports betting at most sportsbooks in Las Vegas and online. There are still favorites and underdogs, but instead of being underdog or assisted by opening games or what is called point differentiation, competitors have a chance of winning the game or event.

Let’s look at an NFL game where the New Orleans Saints are favorites against the Atlanta Falcons. The odds can look like this:

Saints -150
Falcons +130

If you bet on the Saints, you will have to risk $ 150 to win $ 100 (or any other variation like $ 75 to win $ 50 or $ 300 to win $ 200). However, if you bet on the Falcons, you can win $ 130 for every $ 100 you bet. If the final score of the game is tied, the bet will be scored as “Push” and your money will be refunded.

The commission ranges from $ 5 for every $ 100 wagered to $ 20 for every $ 100 wagered on money line bets. It can even be higher if there is a wide price range between the betting favorite and the loser. Bettors should always check the terms and conditions posted at sportsbooks to find cutoff points on a 10 or 20 cent line before adding an additional commission. A Las Vegas sports bettor may see a big favorite priced on the money line of -450 with a return ranging from +375 to +350 on the heavy bets loser. The best practice followed by professional sports bettors is to look for the best odds and payouts for their side of betting at online sportsbooks or in Las Vegas. Las Vegas and online sportsbooks use very clever terms to describe their commission rate. To describe your commission, sportsbooks often describe it as a 10-cent or 20-cent line. Pennies sound cheap and it is done to keep the commission rate irrelevant in the mind of a novice bettor. Actually, 10 or 20 cents is the commission rate on a single bet of $ 1. A bettor who makes a bet of $ 100 on a game on a 10 cent line is playing on a line of $ 10 or, if he is At a store that charges a 20 cent line, you are betting on a $ 20 line. Sports bettors can calculate bookmaker commission by looking at current prices for favorites and underdogs. Here is an example of betting on a Major League Baseball 10 cent line:

Los Angeles Dodgers +120
New York Mets -130

If it had been a 20 cent line, the difference would be as follows:

LA Dodgers +115
New York Mets -135

As you can see from the 20 cent model, the underdog gambler gets a lower return on his $ 100 bet, while the favorite bettor must contribute $ 5 more for every $ 100 returned on a winning bet. Over time this can add up to the professional bettor and that is why a sports betting radio show listener will often hear the professional harp over and over again how important it is to buy the best number and bet in Las Vegas or on the online sports betting houses that it offers. the sports bettor the best odds and will charge the least amount of commission. One of the best practices that professionals follow is to track the current odds from online sportsbooks or Las Vegas on the internet and not get caught up in playing a bad number at a bad price. Technology has impacted the industry as portable Internet devices have entered the hands of professional gamblers. The popular Apple IPhone and Verizon Storm allow users to surf the Internet at high speeds while traveling to Las Vegas sportsbooks to place bets. Since Las Vegas casinos are spread throughout the city, the pros will keep track of the odds live and place their bets at the location that offers the professional player the best value.

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