What kitchen wall decor is for me?

I know that as a hostess I love to entertain and I also like to make a statement. I enjoy my guests, so anything that helps me make my kitchen work better, I totally agree. On top of that, I can enjoy my kitchen wall decor every day by moving freely throughout the kitchen without clutter.

Decorating the walls of a kitchen with functional everyday decor can be beneficial in terms of saving space and also making your kitchen run smoother. I can’t imagine having it any other way.

Having that wrought iron pot rack hanging over my stove gives me quick and easy access to my pots while at the same time giving my kitchen a warm and homey feel and saving space too. Also, those beautiful wrought iron trivets that I used to have to pull out of the back of my kitchen cabinet are now displayed on my wall and they look beautiful and functional. A bottle rack that hangs on the wall displaying 3 or 4 bottles of my favorite wine for me or my friends to choose from. My collection of serving trays that I display above my kitchen cabinets that match my décor are great for serving my favorite hors d’oeuvres and are available when needed. The hooked wall shelf that hangs next to my tailgate is ideal for quick and easy access to my incoming and outgoing mail, notepad, pens, and keys. Let’s not forget my GREAT round clock hanging in the dining room that makes a bold statement or the wall art that is clustered on the wall.

It’s a pleasure to be able to sit in my kitchen and look around and see how beautiful it looks and how organized it feels too. Just know that it takes some work to come up with a layout on how you want your kitchen to flow and what particular style you are looking for. You might want that French country, modern and chic look or it can just be traditional. So, sit back, have that cup of coffee, and enjoy your surroundings. Think about what you love about your kitchen and what you would like to do to improve it. Find space in the walls. Let your imagination run wild and keep it simple, clean, organized and functional. Remember to keep your kitchen decor within the same theme so that it flows well.

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