What Tarot Card Reading Can Reveal

There are many ways to consult the cards and many different techniques involved, with different types of cards developed by occultists over the years.

While the general deck (called the Greater Arcana) only used 22 trumps, more experienced readers used all 78 cards to guess things to come.

Tarot cards should be read like the pages of a book; if we were to consider the basic 22-trump system, there are over a billion different sequences or possible outcomes that represent every conceivable situation. This is why tarot card reading is known to be deeper than other divination prediction systems.

Like the I Ching, tarot card reading is taken very seriously, not only in Japan, where it is more widespread, but also by renowned psychologists such as Carl Jung.

The way it works is by posing a specific question that both the questioner and the psychic focus on while dealing the cards. The cards are arranged based on the question in a specific way and each card represents factors that influence the question.

Many things can be revealed through a tarot card reading, it can help when you are faced with a difficult decision, such as staying where you are or moving, where you will be happy with a new love, advice on what career path to take or whatever. plus. The answers you get won’t just be closed “yes or no” answers, with tarot cards, a story will unfold with clear indicators of influencing factors, a pattern will always emerge.

Each card in a tarot card reading represents different traits that, when combined, give an indication of things that have happened, things that are happening, and things to come. They work through symbolism and interpreted by the tarot card reader. The longer a reader owns and uses his tarot cards, the stronger the influence he will have on them. A sacred relationship is established between the reader and the cards.

This is how a tarot card spread would normally apply to a young woman who has been married for several years and works in a professional job. Because of her husband, she lived in a district that she doesn’t like very much but she doesn’t know whether to settle for everything she has worked so hard to achieve or try to persuade her husband to move and start a new life. somewhere else.

In this example, the first card is chosen to represent the question, this is known as the significator. Each card has its own meaning and the position of each one in the pattern also has a particular meaning. In this example, the cards played suggested that the questioner and her husband had mutual sympathy and understanding, and her marriage appeared to be successful; It would have been dangerous to threaten its stability by pursuing the change that was the subject of the question.

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