Why do I need a KitchenAid chopper and shredder attachment?

If you or your family loves pizza, tacos, or salad, you should definitely buy this KitchenAid chopping / shredding accessory. Performs the cutting and grinding that a food processor would. Potatoes, onions, nuts, chocolate, and vegetables can be grated or sliced.

The KitchenAid Slicer / Shredder attachment is easier on the arms than if you had to manually chop or shred large amounts of vegetables for cooking or chewing. The blades take up less space than a food processor.

Whether cutting walnuts or grating cheese or carrots, quick work is completed in record time with a KitchenAid chopper / shredder attachment. Veggie pizza can be topped with a wide variety of veggies and grated cheese is made quickly. If you prefer a pizza with more meat, the accessory is ideal for slicing pepperoni and salami. If a salad is needed, slicing cucumbers and carrots will be a piece of cake.

Have you ever thought about making potato gratin, potato gratin, or hash browns? The list of potatoes is endless. Do you want apple pie for dinner tonight? Peel and core the apples then use the KitchenAid slicer / grinder attachment for the perfect cake.

In case the steel bowl of the shredder is a bit difficult to separate from the center shaft, a handy tool will help to dislocate the bowl for easier cleaning in the dishwasher.

Your KitchenAid Stand Mixer can be turned into a food processor with the chopper / shredder attachment. This accessory is an extraordinary workhorse and can do anything, as well as being easier to work with than a food processor.

Whether you like vegetarian pizza or are more inclined to a pizza with more meat than the KitchenAid slicer / shredder attachment, it will work well with your KitchenAid stand mixer, thus eliminating a completely separate food processor. Storage is easier and cleaning is done in minutes.

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