Why do women fantasize about guys who have big penises!

I’m sure you’re similar to most guys who were born with an average manhood size, you might feel a bit unhappy reading the title of this article, but the simple truth is that women love penises. large. At the end of this article, that will not bother you because of a little information that I will show you. Now that you know that women want massive ‘sex organs’ let me show you a little “why” they love sex the most the moment it is with a guy with a big penis.

Are you aware of the fact that a great virility is considered much better than a small or average ‘sexual member’ in the eyes of women? This is the number one cause that women fantasize about large penises. This is a problem that is comparable to how men notice heavy breasts and heavy butt. In a similar behavior that you look at with passion the moment you come across a voluptuous girl, this is the exact behavior with girls, when they look at a large erect penis.

Girls would incessantly choose to sleep with a man with a large penis over a small man or average virility, just as you would always prefer a beautiful girl to an average looking lady.

Another reason girls love large sex organs is that it allows them to have more desire to have multiple orgasms. All men know that the sight of a massive, erect ‘sex member’ dangling from a man’s pubic region is very exhilarating for many women and this makes them go full throttle.

The sharpness of mating with a partner with a large penis allows most girls to instantly switch to horny mode. This puts them in the mood for penetration even before the stimulation begins. Just looking at a guy’s massive sex organ goes a long way to put a girl in the right frame of mind for electrifying rounds of sex. This is something important that all girls yearn for.

The third reason women fantasize about large sex organs has to do with the structure of the vagina. There are centers of sexual pleasure located around the walls and deep in the vagina. The moment a tiny or average erect manhood enters a woman’s vagina, there are many more opportunities for friction. A large penis is able to penetrate deep into a woman’s vagina and stimulate her vaginal canal from all possible areas, giving her the incredible feeling of being “full”.

The moment a man inserts his big penis into a lady’s vagina; her clitoris would not be forgotten during sexual intercourse. This is due to the wide base of the penis that is able to open her labia fully, allowing her sexual member to continuously massage her clitoris, allowing her to always experience explosive sexual climaxes. Let me inform you that a lady’s clitoris is a button of sexual arousal that you should never give up while having sex.

A very familiar reason that women desire men with large penises is the high dose of sexual confidence that they exhibit both in the bedroom and when they are doing other things. A guy with a big penis is usually interested in doing various sexual positions and also focuses on giving his lover a fantastic time every time they have sex. Unlike a guy with a small or average penis who always worries about whether his penis is big enough for his girl. This type of situation only allows fear and irritation to cause you to lose focus, which commonly results in rapid ejaculation.

With all these justifications, I’m sure you can see why women crave guys with big penises. Are you looking for a way to increase your manhood to the size that forces girls to scream with pleasure? All the guys want that, including you and you’re going to make it happen for yourself. There are tactics to increase the size of your manhood that would not require surgery.

A combination of natural penis enlargement exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills is a good and guaranteed technique to develop a large penis without spending a lot of money like you would if you underwent enlargement surgery. of the penis.

Even though these systems cause penis growth individually, it is best to merge both techniques to minimize the number of weeks it takes to achieve gains and to ensure that any increase you add to the length and girth of your member remains permanent. Always use only excellent products. Be careful, don’t use just any penis exercise manual and herbal penis enlargement pill that you can get your hands on.

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