Why It’s Important To Host A Baby Shower For New Parents – The benefits are huge!

For any woman who has been trying to conceive, finding out that she is pregnant is the best news! (Of course, second only to the wedding proposal.) Once the wedding is over and the time for the ceremony and celebration is set, discovering that the two of you will be expecting a new baby is an incredible feeling for any couple.

New parents tend to feel a bit overwhelmed and may find it difficult to cut down on all the “new baby equipment” they will need when the baby arrives. Ensuring that expectant parents have all the major needs can be a tedious task. Writing a list of all the things you will need for the new baby and then cutting down the list throughout the months of your pregnancy can help you get a head start on the reserve.

Baby showers are also a great way to get new baby supplies and can take much of the financial pressure off new parents, while helping to reduce stress for new parents expecting a baby.

Showers are so much fun for the expectant mom and the guests. Themed showers can be color based (if the baby’s gender is already known, a pink or blue theme is widely accepted and very traditional), character themed baby showers (such as Sesame Street, Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory or the Looney Tunes), or even a “time of day baby shower theme” (where each guest is asked to bring something the baby would need or wear during that time of day). Baby shower themes can really be anything you want. Have fun and get creative!

Baby shower gifts should be useful and unique to new parents. The idea of ​​having a celebratory shower is for parents to receive the items they need, but may or may not have bought them themselves. A great idea is to create your own baby gift basket, or choose the laundry basket for clothes, the baby gift basket filled with baby clothes from newborn to toddler sizes. Other homemade gift basket ideas are a mother and baby basket (a mother gift is actually a great thing to include), monogrammed baby gift baskets, a baby gift basket (! for mom and dad too!) A gift basket for bath time. or a gift basket to play with. You can really create a gift basket based on anything. Just fill the basket with items that fit the theme of the gift basket.

Don’t forget these simple tips to organize a successful shower:

Make sure the shower is four to six weeks before the baby is born, decide on a theme, make a guest list and send out invitations 2-3 weeks before the shower, plan any baby shower games you want to have, choose the menu (both food and drink), don’t forget the favors and prizes, and last but not least, remember to have fun while planning!

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