Willy Borsus: “Impossible to close our last two nuclear power plants in 2025”

The Walloon Minister of the Economy Willy Borsus defended before the regional Parliament the maintenance of nuclear power stations against the use of gas power stations “which generate abundant CO émissions emissions”.

Questioned in committee of the Regional Parliament by the deputies François Desquesnes (cdH) and Hervé Cornillie (MR) on the project of gas-steam turbine (TGV) in Manage and on the coherence of the energy policy of the country, the Walloon Minister of the Economy, Willy Borsus (MR), recalled that these TGV power stations produce significant COantes emissions.

“We therefore find ourselves, at the same time, with the obligation to analyze the possibility of remunerating production capacities from TGV plants which generate abundant CO₂ emissions and potential closure of the last nuclear power plants which deprives us of supply stability and a large number ofspecialized jobs“, pointed out Willy Borsus.

“It is absolutely impossible to close the last two nuclear power plants if we want to respect our environmental and energy ambitions.”

Willy Borsus

Walloon Minister of the Economy

“To welcome new gas-fired power stations with partial compensation obligations and, at the same time closing the nuclear power plants, which guarantee stability and employment, that leads me to believe thatit is absolutely impossible to shut down the last two nuclear power plants if we want to respect our “environmental and energy ambitions,” he said.

Last fall, the federal government confirmed the gradual shutdown between 2022 and 2025 of the kingdom’s seven reactors, distributed in the two power plants of Doel and Tihange. However, the latter reserves the right to possibility of delay the shutdown of the 2 youngest reactors if it appears, at the end of 2021, that the security of the country’s electricity supply is not guaranteed.

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