Women dating the classic bad boy, Pinocchio! (Part One)

Now some men can be five foot four, possess a platinum card, retain a driver’s license, die for our country, and legally sit on the bar stool; but it does not guarantee that they are adults. These are owls and ravens with degrees. Gold overalls with wigs. Then others are more like Pinocchio who falls from addiction to abuse and prison.

In some cases, they are not even teenagers. But still children wait for the maturity of puberty to come.

My advice to women who are dating them, jump ship!

If you stick with them, here is the save them fairy tale that has been in the AI ​​movie and saving nemo. But maybe after this story you won’t.


Now Geppetto wanted has his. But he wasn’t ready to raise one yet because his temperament was great. The example of his own parents did not teach him enough to be a good father. But he did his anyway.

Now, as father as son, Pinocchio was a rascal like his father. Which made things worse for him. Every time Pinocchio got into trouble, Geppetto was reminded of the shame and trouble he brought to his own father. This only made him angrier at Pinocchio. Once in public, Geppetto was seen hitting Pinocchio. So he was sent to prison.

During this time Pinocchio got up. He dedicated himself to doing whatever he wanted. Jumping down streams, valleys and fields. Always keeping an eye on the police who were originally chasing him the day Geppetto was arrested.

One day, Pinocchio returns home to find a Cricket talking to him. This Cricket has lived in the house for a hundred years. He warns Pinocchio that if he does not learn to earn a living by hand and he cares that he becomes a donkey. Then Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him.

This Cricket was a tiny version of Merlin. The wise old man who lives in our mind. They can also be real outsiders talking about what we know we should be doing. It’s like the angel on one shoulder who is brought down by the devil’s promises of fun and easy activities on the other. But they are both friends of ours who draw close to us in our youth. Like Merlin advising Arthur before he draws the sword of manhood and the direction of the stone, the Cricket had come to teach this boy how to be a good king of his own life.

This begins the long and arduous road to Pinocchio’s redemption. He becomes like many who believe that the devil’s way of denial and ease will lead him to heaven. But the devil will be your friend. Like his father, Pinocchio will also find himself in prison in time.

So Pinocchio, without profession or education, is alone at home hungry. Except for a single egg in the corner. He opens it to cook an omelette. But a chick flies off and thanks you for your help and flies away.

The egg is the symbol of the soul and his is broken. The chick, as at Easter, is the resurrection of our redemption in better people. That is far from coming for our little Pinocchio. This is the first of many bird references in history. Many refer to alchemy, which is the spiritual practice of turning your soul’s lead into gold, as the secret language of birds.

Giving up for the night, Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on the foot warmer in which he hoped to cook the omelette. Being made of wood, he woke up in the morning to find his feet were burned. The feet are the symbol of the paternal base, which he does not have.

Geppetto is released from prison that morning and finds his son alone in the house. Geppetto does not have a key to enter and calls Pinocchio. But Pinocchio can’t get to the door. He is reluctant to let the father go back in. But Geppetto walks in through the window and feels very guilty for letting Pinocchio get up himself, he ignores his son’s refusal to let him in and promises to make new feet for him. He also gives Pinocchio his only three pears and he starves. Pinocchio eats them all without sharing any.

Pinocchio is so grateful for pears that he promises to go to school and become a good boy. So Geppetto sells his only coat, being a thin old man costs him a lot, so Pinocchio can buy an alphabet book. But before Pinocchio can buy such a book, he spends his money on a puppet show.

In the puppet show, the puppets treat him like a brother. But the puppeteer finds it and wants to use it as firewood to cook his food. Pinocchio speaks to get out of it, but the puppeteer asks that Harlequin be placed in the fire. But Pinocchio pleads for the lives of his new found brothers and saves him. For his kindness, the puppeteer gives Pinocchio five gold coins for his poor coatless father.

Pinocchio has good intentions. He has shown compassion for his brother, but society is a petty lover. Much worse than any lover pretended to be with their storms and famines. Because society is full of cats and foxes waiting to take advantage of your desires and weaknesses.

Pinocchio is attracted to a fox with a missing paw and a blind cat. Tempted to believe that beyond the City of Simple Simons lay a field. A field that is so magical is called the Field of Wonders. That if someone were to place a buried gold coin inside it, they would sow thousands in its place in the morning.

A bird tries to warn Pinocchio about this deception, but this blind cat snatches him out of the air and eats him for his troubles. Instinct is overcome by greed.

So Pinocchio travels with his new friends found a short distance from this field. The devil promised a shortcut, but as Pinocchio discovers that the devil’s shortcut always makes one tired. Then our group falls to an inn for the night.

The Fox who could not think of eating more than a cookie eats an ox. Where the cat that says it ate before its journey tonight falls to eat the herd the ox came from. But Pinocchio, lost in his dreams, loses hunger. The group gets up at night.

Pinocchio wakes up in the middle of the night for his friends to continue in the field. But they have been leaving the tab and a message to meet them under the tree in that field. Pinocchio’s first gold coin is lost.

On the way he meets the cricket once more. Like Merlin, Gandolf and, you will soon find out, Dumbledor have returned from the dead to warn us. The voice that we ignore that tells us what to do has never gone away. It may be the voice of your deceased grandfather. Only occasionally do we allow it to sneak in to advise us to ignore our ego and do the right thing. But he makes no promises and asks for work. The cricket warns Pinocchio once again that wealth only comes from the work of the mind and the hand. But it falls on wooden ears.

In the tree, Pinocchio faces murderers who are trying to steal his money. Pinocchio puts it in his mouth and bites one of his hands when they try to steal it. These killers were the cat and the fox in disguise. Then they capture Pinocchio and hang him around his neck in a large oak. Expecting to find him dead in the morning with his mouth open and the coins thrown on the floor.

The Hanged Man in tarot cards which is taken from the myth of Odin who had given himself up in a tree for nine nights to gain enlightenment. It is the act of dying to oneself that brings a new job, the end of a habit, or the courage to leave our abusive spouse. It is the act of killing Miss Smith only to become Joan. The act of leaving work to become Frank. It is the sacrifice of what is killing us no faster than cigarettes.

An old axiom is that if you want to boil a frog you must raise the heat slowly. Most of what kills us in life comes this slow and it’s easy to deny.

But a fairy who denied him access to his home when he was on the run from murderers now feels sorry for him. She sends a hawk to free him and return him home. This is the woman who can only fall in love with the bad boy. Someone I can save This urge tends to grow in a child when one of the parents does not act as such and dislikes the world or the other parent. So the child becomes an adult and soon tries in vain to save the parents. In the hope that parents will love and save them. When they find themselves unable to save the father, they try to save the world.

But not all of them are sweet and light, because like their parents, they have a hyde side. Every victim needs a murderer and the king is the fool’s twin. Tables turn fast in this world.

An owl, a raven and the cricket return to the doctor of our almost dead Pinocchio. The owl and the raven are the air bags of wealth and position that the youth of our society must admire in order to become. But Pinocchio knows the truth, if education and work make you like them, he doesn’t want any of that. But Cricket abuses him more for his sins.

Half dead, the Fairy tries to give him medicine. This medicine is trying to point out the faults of Pinocchio so that it can change his life. But you won’t hear any of that without the sugar from your sweaty tongue. Praising him to do better, Pinocchio never listens to his faults until two black rabbits enter the room with a coffin.

How many times does one approach jail, death, or suicide before changing course? He is directly scared. But it becomes too much for the young man to continue without the constant fear of death on his mind. So relapse is imminent for these people.

Always two steps forward, three steps back. The abuser in the codependent relationship always repents the next day and treats his partner like a god or queen for a couple of weeks until society pulls the rug back. And go back to the abuse of your partner.

Now the Blue Fairy wants to save his father and Pinocchio and has sent to find Geppetto to move. The woman in this relationship sees not only her partner but also her father in him whom she wants to save.

So he asks Pinocchio about his money. Like Irish women in Ireland during the 1930s, they knew their men would spend their allowance at the bar if they didn’t go with them. So she asks where is the money? He says he lost it and his nose grows. Just for the woodpeckers to cut it down when he confesses.

We have a side note. I met a woman who went from one codependent relationship to another. A lie detector test was done to see if you had been drinking. She would grow larger than your nose and check the salt content in your semen. The more salty, the more you drank.

But on the way to Geppetto, he meets the cat and the fox again. They convince him to go with them to the field to bury the coins once more. But Pinocchio once again ignores his instincts when he sees that the cat is missing a leg. Oh good.

Now they walk through Simple Simon Town. A city like a crack alley. Filled with animals that gave everything they had for an instant solution in this world. Hairless dogs, featherless peacocks and sheared sheep. The only ones who traveled in fine cadillacs were the foxes, crows and vultures that preyed on these people. The pimps, traffickers, bosses, bad parents and politicians. Passing the town they go to the Campo de las Maravillas where Pinocchio buries his money.

He returns in the morning to find a parrot who laughs at him for believing the cat and the fox. So he runs back to the city to report the robbery, but it is he himself who is sent to jail. Like father Like Son. Swearing that he did nothing wrong because it was only an achievement for his own downfall. To be continue ……

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