Wörgler Initiative mobilizes: “Wave needs regional support” | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Die Bürgerinitiative zur Rettung des Wörgler Wave zeigt Kampfgeist.


Wörgl, Innsbruck – Quo vadis, Tyrolean swimming? The citizens’ initiative to save the Wörgler Wave shows fighting spirit. Yesterday, the delegation around triathlon club chairwoman Gabi Hausberger met once again with the Landesrat LHStv. Josef Geisler met in Innsbruck to talk about the future of clubs, students and senior citizens. “The state of Tyrol has to show its colors and support the maintenance of the Wave,” demands Hausberger, referring to a constructive conversation.

More and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of the closure of the Wörgler Bad. It is not just about competitive sport, but about the entire population: “So many children have diabetes or are obese. To shut down a sports facility in times like these would be a crime. ”Once again, she argues that the pool should be operated at least until an alternative is in sight. For the referendum on April 11, the initiative will “mobilize as many waggers as possible”.

The mayor of Langkampf, Andreas Ehrenstrasser, was also invited to the interview yesterday. He took the opportunity to present Geisler’s new sports field project to the community. Two soccer fields, four tennis courts and a large building with 250 parking spaces are to be built on an area of ​​2.7 hectares by 2023. “Ideally, this is used multiple times, a restaurant would be conceivable,” says Ehrenstrasser.

Could a new regional pool come there too? Ehrenstrasser waves it away. “We have already planned every square meter.” And: “The community will not be keen to build a bathroom.”

The importance of the Wave for the region is beyond doubt for him as well. Subject to a corresponding municipal council resolution, he could envision Langkampfens being financially involved in a renovation or a new building. Wörgl urgently needs regional support, summarizes Ehrenstrasser. Because: “Using existing infrastructure is always more resource-efficient than building something new.” (jazz)

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