World of Warcraft Cataclysm Dungeon – Grim Batol

Grim Batol is one of the dungeons that you will find in Cataclysm and that you will have to learn to navigate through it. You will easily find the entrance to Grim Batol in the mountains of the western part of the Twilight Highlands. Grim Batol is a suggested level 85 dungeon with 4 bosses and is also available in heroic mode.

General Umbriss- Grim Batol

General Umbriss will be your first encounter in this dungeon and he is a dragon. It has two main attacks which are Blitz and Ground Siege. Blitz targets a random party member to charge and the Ground Siege shakes the ground around him.

Foregemaster Throngus- Grim Batol

Forgemaster Throngus is a tank and whipping fight. He will randomly switch weapons during battle and has three possible options, which are Mace, Duel Blades, and Phalanx. During Phalanx you need to attack from behind the Forgemaster Throngus or you will deal very little damage to him.

Drahga Shadowburner- Grim Batol

Drahga Shadowburner is a three-part fight, but it’s still relatively simple. During the first part, your goal is to get Drahga’s health as low as possible. After a certain time, he will jump over the edge and climb on a huge dragon that begins the second part. You must then dps Valiona, the dragon, until she declares that she will not die for Drahga, at which point she drops him and flies away. The third part focuses on Dragha Shadowburner until he dies. The add-on you will face is a cast called Invocations of Flame. They will choose a target and move slowly towards it. If their goal is reached, they will explode leaving massive damage to everyone.

Erudux – Grim Batol

The last boss you will encounter is Erudax and his Faceless Guardians. This fight is a bit more challenging than the rest. Every now and then, Erudax will cast Shadow Gale. This attack will cause a void somewhere on the floor where all party members must pile up in the middle. This time the vacuum is good, it will protect you from a massive AoE.

When Shadows Gale is done, Erudax will summon a faceless guardian. This guardian will enter the room and try to hatch some of the eggs around the outer ring of the room. It is crucial to reduce this supplement before the eggs hatch or you will have additional puppy aggregates that cannot be killed. Among these attacks, you will also find Binding Shadows and Debilitating Strike.

Binding Shadows is an immobilization effect that causes the target to stick where it is until the debuff wears off, but can still cast it. Debilitating Strike will only affect your party’s tank. This is a recoil throw that will weaken your tank. This debuff increases damage taken by 200 percent for 5 seconds.

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